Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Updated BloG

Yo..The Cinema in my Blog already been updated with new flash drama..full 6 episods..Come And visit it..And Dont forget to Visit my Friendster Pages.Now updated with new photos.hehe TATA

Friday, August 26, 2005

JinGs Independence day

yo..everyone..long time didnt update my blog liao..hehe..From today until 12 sept 2005..will be the progress to my indenpendence day...haha...After 12 sept..i will be very free..then i will go and visit all my frens at whole penisular malaysia...hehe...so to all tat still treat me as fren..haha..just wait for my visiting...hehe..hope im welcome oh??..hehe...erm..currently...im waiting for more convernience way to update my blog...hehe...tats all for now..oh..last but not least..hey bud..if u saw this message..do take care ok?..i support u no matter wat ok?...May God bless u...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hi All..

do u know?..
every day im thinking of u
every hours im waiting for u
every minutes im hungering for u
every seconds im looking for u..
of all the things..i only wan u..
of all the ppl..i choose u..
of all the time..i choose to wait u..
why u haven come..why??..
where have u being???..
MANA LU......STREAMYX???????????