Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back with JObs

hahahhaa...this time got good news for all..haha...i got job as cashier in friendly work the third day liau..hehe..salary is rm420..but today the supervisor change me to the first floor...rather boring...not so happy also..hehe/...and to all visitors...tommorow will be my 21st birthday hahhaha..big liau lor present ooohahhahahha...tats all for now..tata..and GOD BLESS..

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm Back... back..actually im having difficulties to online so thats why i cannot update my blog so often..currently im still finding i go to everise and friendly supermarket to apply job..cashier.. haha..still waiting for their call..haha...i think thats all for now...tata..

Friday, April 08, 2005

Pope's Funeral

Pope's funeral on Friday-live tv at 4pm. HFC will be screening the funeral and holding prayers.Need your Cooperation to pass this on to all...Thanks..Somemore...I receive message from my friend from Melaka, Christine Gan saying that On Friday nite, all will light the candles out side the house to remember our Pope John Paul the second...Anyway..PRAY for the better world and papasy from new coming Pope..

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Two more days to go~!!

hi is 5.54am thursday...haha..actually today at 12 many of my fren will be going back liau... so i may have to stay alone here in the hostel with my com haha..but nvm lar since my brother said he will come to fetch me tomolo no much more time left for me to be here,,,haha..wou~~!! things many..dunno my brother's cars muat or not..haha..i got table..i got computer..i got guitar somemore and two bagasi...and three beg sekolah and 5 boxes and one antena...haha...but i think it could be enuf space lar for proton wira..haha...i think i will be kinda miss this hostel life...haha..hope it wont hurt much..and there are few ppl that i really miss..hahha..hope to see them all for this morning..i think i will update again tonite since that i dont have much thing to do ..hahahh so see u all..hope u enjoy my blog as well as my main site...GOD BLESS//

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Today is my last paper..

Today..i finish my last paper...Programming C++ is my last paper...altho didnt really study but i have a little confident in myself that i can do i think of may be i can finish off earlier so that i can go out earlier...somemore i have my stomachache...walau i just concentrate on doing this last paper..i took time to relax a while also because i tot go a lot of time for me...but without my knowledge the time past so fast...hahaha i still got one more full programming question haven did and the examiner announce that we only have 15 minutes left...hahaha...being so surprised i became nervouse for a while but luckily i make it to finish...Thanks GOD..haha Thats today story...see u again next day..

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Today is a BIG Day..

Shalom to all visitors...So this is my first message to all of u...Due to the problems that the main site cannot have blog like this, it will be easier for me to update my daily activities or daily news here...So i assume that you ppl reach here throw the link "MY BLOG" in my main page..So if you want to go back..just click button back which can be located on the left top corner on your explorer..hehe...Cut the crabs for now..haha back to the point..So this blog is purposely build to let all visitors know what am i doing now on this day here on this Earth.. I will update this blog as well as the main site so that you ppl can keep up to date what i am doing...anyway..actually this is just to fill up my bored times after my exam..haha..So..thanks to all visitors and MAy GOD BLESS all of US..

Pope ends his journey on earth today at 84

Pope has passed away this morning..He reigns the charismatic of the world for 26 years. It is highlighted that he has visited to 129 countries..he died at 84 age..Vatican report..

Vatican report: Saturday morning on Pope Health

The general, cardio respiratory and metabolic conditions of the Holy Father are substantially unchanged and therefore are very serious. As of dawn this morning, the start of a compromised state of consciousness was observed. Mass was celebrated at 7.30 this morning in the presence of the Pope. Last evening the Pope properly had in mind the young people whom He has met throughout the world during His pontificate. In fact, He seemed to be reffering to them when, in His words, and repeated several times, He seemed to have said the following sentence " I have looked for you. Now you have come to me. And I thank you".

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Examining Pope's Legacy

Michele Norris talk with Michael Novak, a scolar at the American Enterprise Institute and the author of "The Universal Hunger For Liberation". Novak had met several times with the Pope through His 26-years papacy and talks about His legacy, influence on Eastern Europe and Liberation Theology.