Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fifth station, PENANG

yo.. hehe.. at last i arrive at pulau pinang.. quite dissapointed because the penang bridge is not really great as what i imagine of. haha.. Didnt really go anywhere but i enjoy spending time with my hometown fren..hehe..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fourth Station, Singapore 22nd OCT last i arrived at singapore..dont manage the get the pic..coz when i take pic at kastam..the singaporian guard catch me..cilaka one..wanna makan duit..bad image to are the only photo

at TOL to singapore hehe..

City Harvest Church Singapore

View from Second Link to singapore...

In the kastam..HEHEHE..he wanna catch me.MIMPI LARRR>>> HAHAHA

Third Station , Skudai, Johor ( 22nd Oct)

Here i am..but no sorry hahhaa...
im at skudaihehe..
?? hehe

i only manage to get this view of rumput with my hp haha...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Second Station, PonTIAN, Johor is the place near kukup laut..its pontian..tell u wat..this town is famous with pineapple..just like my hometown the pineapple which looks almost the same as on the ground of my hometown

Friday, October 21, 2005

First Station ( Kukup Laut, Johor ) 21 Oct 2005

Hi..This is the first station for my holiday trip..hehe...
here are some view of it..


Temple on the SeA

Chalet of Kukup Resort

The second biggest Hutan Paya Bakau (Taman negara Kukup Laut).. i got visit it but not manage to get the pic of it..hehe

This is the view from the top of the tower in the middle of that hutan paya bakau

This is at the southest park of malaysia..can see singapore haha...sorry so small

Monday, October 17, 2005

Warming Up Trip ( Zoo Negara )

Yo.. one week before i begin my holiday, i follow my club go to ZOO NEGARA to see our "frens".. haha... here are some of it...

Ikan Besar..hehe

Group Photo but only half are inside..

Let my fren try first..see tangan kena makan or not..HEHE

Proved..Its turn..HAHA

Elephant Show

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Im Sad

Im sad..
very sad..
why treat me like this??..
what wrong did i cause?
The first one reject me, its ok..
cause may be im not good looking..
But now the second one reject me habis habisan..
so sad..
so sad..
wanna die liao..
why ar??.
can anyone tell me??.
streamyx come and reject me.///
WHY U COME AND REJECT ME TOO???? JARING >?????????????????????

mastercopier (small JinG)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Black Rainbows

Shame on me..guzz...Rose..guess being visiting all my fren frienster page..and suddenlly i tot of something..sumthing that i should be shame fren from sarikei who coming out here to study..all are upgraded... even the thin thin become so stylist..the fat fat one now become so gentlement.. leaving me alone with the same old style.. except for my hair duh... How?? HOw? HOW? altho i didnt care much bout this..but >>>

Another anouncement to all my frens..starting from 23rd oct until 5 nov.. i will travel from south to north to visit all my to those who wanna " INVITE " me or book , contact me ASAP..if not u will miss the chance to meet me..HAHA. ok..tats all for now