Do anyone out there ever asked yourself, who actually are you?? I do.. I have always liked myself and are somehow confident of who I am on this day.. but somehow, not everyone will see the same thing as i do.. Some might labelled me as talk no action.. some might even labelled me as immature.. and the list goes on .. So who do you think I am? I believe I do have a bunch of good friends who are always there by my side..

I carried too much worries .. care too much unecessary things .. and most of it stop me from moving forwards.. I have put down some of the burdens once, and this time, I'm going to put all of it an end notes.. Whatever happens, it happened so I will just let it be a histories.. be it I understand or not, if i dont, then just let it be a mystery..

I will be trying to archieve my goal with this new mode and if anyone of you sensed something wrong with my direction, just stop me.. as of all things changed, I will never change my definition of a friend.. Will I be able to jump higher and further compare to last time? Lets see how it goes.. hehe.. To most of you, i might sound talking non-sense, but to those who knows the way I talk, wish me good luck.. :P
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