I'm Back!!.. After leaving this blog unmanaged for so long.. hehe.. Sometimes no time to update, sometimes dunno what to update, so end up never seems to care about this blog anymore. Ok Ok.. To all my friends, dont worry, I'm still enjoying myself as always.. hehe.. 

First of all, the title supposely were Genius de-Code life with Maths, but somehow, I felt that I need to be a little bit humble, so.. I put JiNG instead of Genius.. haha.. Genius is what ppl call me anyhow, not me calling myself.. hor? .. xP

So here it goes, how to de-code your life with maths? I will go through example by example to let you all know the meaning of this post. In life, we always tend to be the best, thus we tried our best to be among the best. But sometimes, while trying our best, we tend to forget what is our real goal and begin to lose our real self.. It happened to everyone and I believe everyone agreed with what I have mentioned earlier, unless if you are in the middle of losing your real self... so.. no matter want or not, you will need to agree with me. haha.. But, why is it like that? 

Why is it some manage to become the best, while some of it failed terribly? They aiming the same goal, goes the same road, met the same ppl, but still the result is always not the same at the end of journey. So here goes with the Maths... Why ppl always want to be the best? why not be normal? or be loser? It's because:

Loser / Human populations x 100 = 50%
Normal / Human populations x 100 = 40%
Best / Human populations x 100 = 10%

It's the minority in the world and that is why ppl want to always be in the ELITE group, instead of ordinary group.. haha.. 

Ok, now that everyone want to be the best, why is it some failed? some successed? Because of their learning scale.. Some learn fast and some learn slow while some never learn. Why? Again it can be explained by Maths.. 

Your learning rates = [(Total Human Civilizations - Things you think you know) / Total Human Knowledge] x 100.    

So, the bigger the area you declared you know, the lowest your learning rates will be. Believe it or not, there are lots of ppl out there, think they know a lot of things which in fact they know nth. So those ppl will never learn and improved, and followed by failure.. It's very logic that we wont go and learn the things that we already know, but still, sometimes there are things that we think we know, but in facts, we might only know 1% of the whole things. So my advice, dont be too lansi sometimes.. haha.. if you dunno what is LANSI le, then it can be explained by maths as well:

LANSI is when Big Head - Lan Head = 0    . WUAHHAHAHA..

Ok lar, dont wanna keep the crap for too long. Actually I got no photos on my laptop to update my latest outing and conditions. So anything, just go visit my facebook ya.. haha. I will be blogging again once I think I'm Emo enuf to write something nice to be read.. So until then, HAPPY GO LUCKY EVERYDAY EVERYWHERE to EVERYONE~!!!  

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