Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas~!!

I guess this year christmas, I cant wish anyone "Holy Christmas" as what I did for past 22 years.. This year christmas will either be Merry and a bit Lonely Christmas for me.. haha.. Anyway, I did go and feel the christmas mood in Mid Valley with her grand decorations..

I'm going there to find Girl of my dreams.. Already fully prepared d.. but..

Haih... Sien ar... Lonely Christmas ar~!!!

Haih~~!!!!!!!!!!! Sien Arr.... She is a sister only.... Lonely ar~!!!

Haih~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another sister nia.. Lagi felt Lonely ar~!!!

haha.. I guess I better fall in love with MushRoom lar.. hahahhahaha... Merry Christmas to all.. ~!!! And, Holy Christmas to all my friends back in hometown.`!! .. Pray for me.. ;P

Monday, December 10, 2007

November is always like a Dream to me...

Last year November.. was a tragic month for me.. I almost ended up hating my own God but the tragic ended in the month of December. This year November.. was like a sweetest dream i ever have.. I felt loved, cared, and whatever nice feeling which I almost forgotten for a long long time... But once again, it ended in the month of December.. Many friends were wondering where have I been.. Online friends might thought that my PC was spoiled.. Some may thought i have a gf d.. For some may also thought that I'm too busy with my jobs.. Well.. No matter what happen in the month of November, Its ended.. and I'm coming back... coming back to my own self...

So in order to wake up from the dreams nice nice and sui sui with no regrets, I bought myslf the most expensive ticket i ever bought before.. haha... yeah~! It's My Chemical Romance... Wow..

So... It's ended.. That's why I'm online again, that's why I'm anime freak again, back to whatever I'm up to before.. It's a nice dream... ;P