Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Histories Berulang........

Yo..Like Yesterday..i over slept until now its 7.58am..Sh*t lor.Later 11am got final exam.haven study i decide to write a blog first to cool down myslf...WAnna go buy Breakfast somemore..guess i didnt have much time liao..HAHA..Rose...Im still sick..Still headache..Still trying ma best with Panadol..Dont worry bout your God-ma..and the camp is i said..just count on me..ur only to remind me from time to time..(coz im quite a forgetful ppl)
AnD HeY Bro Ubi..Im not detective conan..but Im Clever''LOL""..and hey..i found a way to see how many post u oledi have..just log in to ur blogger then look at ur blog the right side of ur blog view how many post u have..

Guess My BloG is different with others..coz ma blog is mostly about me..HEHE..

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Origin of Negaraku

Yo..Here the story..Mt bro gf Christine send me an email contain an image..saying that Negaraku is adapted from a song call MAMULA MOON..hehe..

And here the song MAMULA MOON

My CActus

HEY..i bought a cactus from Cameron highland few months ago and its' growth really weird..wanna get some advice from cactus expert....

This is when i just bought..Pretty le...Got flower somemore

Guess What it looks like after three month

Hey..i wonder why it keep on extending its height but not the length of its body arr????

What HaPpen to my Shoes?? the answer

My shoes being stolen and u know by who?..HAHA..after doing every examination and thinking after thinking..this is what Ive found out..

Here the first suspect..He come to my house for a visit..but i halao him keluar with he sure hate me and so steal my shoes..

This dog, always come to my house to sleep..calling him BLACKY..always kacao kacao at my house..but never greet one..Most suspected

WHY i said its a dog??..( and ,Christine, surely its not stolen by bird..haha )
U know dog got one special attitude?? They signing their teritory using their shit and urea..and so when the place got the smell of urea or shit from other dog..they wont touch it again..

U see..I step on a dog shit when i went to Pulau Ketam..And tats why the right side still there...SAD SAD..i should have step the shit with both of my leg..

Monday, November 14, 2005

AnoTher BiG CaSe!!!!

OnE Week After What Happen to My ShoeS, An Incident HAppeN Again today at my house..

The Gateway Of The Suspect

The Incident Place

The Crime..

I Believe the Suspect is look like this..

The HandDraw Suspect

Quite Impossible..HAHA


TOO SMALL To produce such big shit

This One..i Saw It once infront of my house..Most Suspected

Monday, November 07, 2005

My best teacher's Wedding

WAHH>...So supprise when i saw this photo..but anyway..She is one of my best teacher in form 6 (kinda miss tat moment)..She is best not because she is good in teaching..but because she is very honest(I think thats what a grown up student wants from teachers).. She is a funny gal, dont have any special social skills which mean not very good in playing words(i think thats what make her honest, HAHA ) .. and so on and so on.. Here I wakil class form 6 science 1 wish you happy ever after and forever..May all ur wish comes true..GAMBATEH TEACHER.. hehe

What Happen to My Shoes???

where is another side of my shoes???

Other station

Sixth station ( Mantin )

here i found another big pineapple..hehe...

yo..i curi this ikan


Seventh station ( PortDickson )

The LifeJacket is Funtioning..Im Sure coz i jump into the water before i play haha

After tired Playing at Beach..We go for a walk..

We are playing BANANABOAT..very fun le..hehe

Eighth station ( Pulau Ketam )

Another Temple on the Sea..hehe

At the Jeti after we back from pulau pelabuhan klang

Umbrella for RM3.00


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fifth station, PENANG

yo.. hehe.. at last i arrive at pulau pinang.. quite dissapointed because the penang bridge is not really great as what i imagine of. haha.. Didnt really go anywhere but i enjoy spending time with my hometown fren..hehe..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fourth Station, Singapore 22nd OCT last i arrived at singapore..dont manage the get the pic..coz when i take pic at kastam..the singaporian guard catch me..cilaka one..wanna makan duit..bad image to are the only photo

at TOL to singapore hehe..

City Harvest Church Singapore

View from Second Link to singapore...

In the kastam..HEHEHE..he wanna catch me.MIMPI LARRR>>> HAHAHA

Third Station , Skudai, Johor ( 22nd Oct)

Here i am..but no sorry hahhaa...
im at skudaihehe..
?? hehe

i only manage to get this view of rumput with my hp haha...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Second Station, PonTIAN, Johor is the place near kukup laut..its pontian..tell u wat..this town is famous with pineapple..just like my hometown the pineapple which looks almost the same as on the ground of my hometown

Friday, October 21, 2005

First Station ( Kukup Laut, Johor ) 21 Oct 2005

Hi..This is the first station for my holiday trip..hehe...
here are some view of it..


Temple on the SeA

Chalet of Kukup Resort

The second biggest Hutan Paya Bakau (Taman negara Kukup Laut).. i got visit it but not manage to get the pic of it..hehe

This is the view from the top of the tower in the middle of that hutan paya bakau

This is at the southest park of malaysia..can see singapore haha...sorry so small