Monday, March 17, 2008

JiNG playing with Hot Air Belon~!!

Sunday.. 16th March 2008... I gave up my first time to the ABAP GANG once more.. and this time the thing were................................ HOT AIR BELON~!!!! wowow..

Full Gang that day...

Look at that long batang.. its actually the belon that we are going to blow it up... blow.. i blew.. haha

Was trying my best to open the "belon" mouth so that it can erect~! haha.. thats what the trainer told us.. :P

So when the belon erected, we went into it to snap some picture.. hehe

Look at that big belon.. WE are the one who set it up man... damn proud..

ooooo... Will follow it wherever it goes..

It fly~!!!

But too bad.. before we get our turn to fly, the belon dies.... shit..

Then we only managed to sit in an empty basket.. That time in my head i was cursing " Basket... didnt let me fly.. wasted my money"... haha

Then they punish me for violated the rules by sitting inside a stupid empty basket.. :P jk jk..

Yo~!! Because we didnt manage to fly, they let us join another session for free this coming sunday.. So.. JiNG is going to fly on 23rd March 2008~!!!! See you all in SEPANG~!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A post dedicated to Baba..

Yo.. Since you have an initiative to start blogging, then i decided to dedicate a post to u.. haha.. Who are we?? We are Coursemate, Kolej-mate, then roomate for two years.. Anymore? I guess we are Cam-whore-Mate also.. haha..

More to two sohai rather than cam-whoring... hahaha.. Opps.. Sorry to expose your face to public.. please dont sue me.. haha.. There you go, Chong the son of BABA.. We eat, we sleep, we eat and we sleep then eat and sleep and so on all together for the past two years. .. Eh.. I everyday also go swimming to keep fit d, you better watch out... hahahhaa..

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Genius's Comment on the Kepong Cheap Crabs.

Well.. Though I'm not a food blogger but I'm a food hunter... hehe.. So when I heard got one shop in kepong that sell their crab 1kg for RM18 only, I was like, WOW~!! Must go try it out.. But after few months only managed to really go there to taste it.. As usual, I went with ABAP Gang.. hehe.. Here were the results..

Basket Sayur cost us RM20 (around that lar.. dont really remember. :P)

6 Buns comes with crab..

Cheesy Crab

Huang Di Mian (Mee Raja)

Kam Heong Crab (Dunno what Crab)

Ham Heong Crab (Crab Telur Masin)

Full Dishes

Those who went with me..~




Genius` :P

The crab is definitely cheap, around RM18 per kg.. But they have their marketing plan.. For every 1kg we ordered, we must balance it with another dish.. The dish must be medium size somemore, cannot be small and that side dish cost much more higher than normal price.. Diu~!! So in the end, we end up paying RM100++ also.. Haih.. huh?? Cheap?? Not cheap at all lar.. When calculated all together, we can even get the same meal in PJ with better taste..

RM18 x 3 crabs = RM54 only.. Means our side dishes (sayur + mee + taufu) = RM60+??? Diu..
Not only the price are expensive, the Crabs taste sucks~!! They use a grandmother crab (a crab dunno gave birth to how many other crabs d).. and when they cook, they never crack the shell, so the meat have no taste at all.. DIU~!!

So my suggestion is, just go have your crabs in KING CRAB in Kelana Jaya.. That taste better... or if you not mind travel far a bit, go to Teluk Gong (Klang), they have the best crabs with lower price... hehe

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mag Tag~!!!

Here you go Cibol.. My sign that you are always my friend.. wauahhahahha... Accidentally I got play around with Paint last time and come out with this mag... So.. I just use this lar.. Jimat masa.. haha

Chong Anak BABA

Although I guess only BABA will do this tag.. cos the another two has never update their blog since CNY.. too busy pak thoing.. hahhaha ;P

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pub Crawl 2008~!!!

Unexpectedly my company organise this event out of no where.. But thanks to it i can see a lot of real faces~!! wuahahhahaa.. All those Angkat-Boss faces sweap away and leave only their trueself.. hhmm.. hhmm.. and as for me... that's definitely not me.. hahaha.. As usual, ABAP Gang took away my first time again.. ;P.. Guess all those who knew me, always heard me saying " I dont DRINK. I dont DANCE, I dont SMOKE".. haha.. but yesterday was too tempted to drink and dance.. so tats my first time.. (I still dont smoke... dont tempt me to.. this one i wont try.. haha)

First station: We went to wat Bistro d i forget... hahaha.. At this bistro, I registered in as non-drinker and only drink coke all the times.. ;P haha.. But I do take initiative to join a games which required me to drink beer.. nah.. beer only rite? ok lar.. i join lar.. hahaha..

Then we went to second station: D'HAVEN.. I'm still drinking coke only until the bar tender said no more glass available for coke.. diu... then I drink what wor.. ... ... Beer lor.. hahaha It's beer from CY..

Third Station: We went to HUSH which is a bit more like a club.. haha.. I was tempted to drink a bit achohol here.. hehehe.. I guess I did take Vokka, Whisky... hhmm.. what else ar?? beer?? haha..

Nah.. I'm not gonna let you see my red face.. :P

Guess what? All the clubbers were all from my company.. haha..

HAHAHA... so thats my outing last nite which only cost me around RM35.. RM35 for all three station... hahahah.. quite nice rite? get to see a lot of hot chicks also(actually 1).. opps.. ;P