Monday, April 30, 2007

Kancil Gang are Celebrities...My turn.. Final Episod

Wow.. hehe... Look at mine... Im so celebrities looks.. Check charles version also... Damn lihai ...

Wuahahha.. See see.. i got Stephan chow.. jay chow... leonardo dicaprio...But who the hell is tat Mahadas gandhi??is it mahamad gandhi?? damn kurus.. and the second one damn fat.. not like me lar.. diu..

Kancil Gang are Celebrities...Whose turn??.. Episod 4

Now its the one from the Spitter family's line.. Angel.. wuahaha.. see see... this is she..

Who is tat Ernst abbe.. wuakakakaka... Cant imagine angel looks like tat. ..

Kancil Gang are Celebrities..Short short.. Episod 3

Then its Ah jen Turn.. haih.. His version in Charles is better than this..

Waliu.... JAY CHOW?? I pressed the "Report disfunction" button just now when i saw this.. Tomolo they will correct it up.. dont worry..

Kancil Gang are Celebrities...Get it on..Episod 2

Now is for our Lao Da.. Alice the samseng... Well.. Charles is posting about this also.. His version is quite different than mine.. wuakaka.. go and check it out at
Frozen zone
Nth special with this one.. I guess charles version will be more fun..wauakkaka.. go and check it out..

Kancil Gang are Celebrities...Come on.. Episod 1

Well.. i post up for Charles the spitter first.. wukakaka..

See?? He looks like leslie cheung.. wah.. geng wor.. But I like the last one.. He looks like Ronaldo from brazil..WAUAKAKKAAKA

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ok... Not down anymore..

WUAHAHHA.. I'm back.. Just now browse thro my backup disk.. found back many meaningful things.. lah.. My life not just about her.. diu lar.. let me share one of the things that make me happy just now.. hehe.. altho last time posted d.. nvm.. post again..

Download better lar.. only 2mb

The feeling is coming back~

Damn.. Everytime when I tot Im free from those feeling d, surely it will come and hunt me down... WTF man.~! First.. I set a different goal to archieve.. Something like, Prayer group in KL.. Carrying this goal, I go and approach few sarikeian and try to get well with them.. But i guess.. Its just another escape from me.. ITs not tat I really want to serve Him... Altho at first i tot i was.. but things changed.. desire also change.. Sorry to the Kancil gang.. I might been using you guys to get away from tat feeling.. I was thinking am I doing the right things here and there.. and I start to sense that the feeling is coming back to me last saturday.. Tats why I requested for an outing without any plan.. sorry charles.. I guess I just cant run away from it.. Again, posting this out, not to let others pity on me,but just to share what happened to me as I said I know what will happen on this year birthday.. It indeed did happen that way.. damn..

Come on.. Get away from me.. NAH~~!!!!!



My Birthday always turned out to be a great one for me each new year... I still remember the last year while im still in sarikei, those naugthy amy's group bake their own cake and sneak into my house without my knowledge.. so.. i end up Scared by them rather than feeling surprise.. diu.. if i die tat day, no more kancil gang luh.. haha.. well.. cheese cake by them are quite nice.. Then two years had passed on and im in my second year of my uni life... Tat birthday is a memoriable one too.. Start with My housemate helding a small party for me, then my society bought me a cake during the meeting, and most memoriable will be, Father Chris announced my birthday in the St.Anne chapel during mass.. followed by the birthday song by the whole choir.. Wah.. tats a great memory for me.. hehe..

This year suppose to be the greatest and most memorable one.. I get my present even before my birthday arrived.. WEll..first i get cd player from my Ah sou.. then a seat cover from my brother.. A formal seluar from my big bro.. A celebration by Kancil gang,a steamboat gathering with some good frens, interview's shirt by kancil gang also, then Secret recipe cake from my brother and ah sou.. And tomolo will be having dinner with my housemates... But somehow.. My feeling get blew away and i dunno why or what cause it.. I'm quite down now.. so pardon me if i didnt reply ur message or sms.. Hope tomolo will be a different day.. Happy birthday to me.. hehe..
A cake from my bro and ah sou..

Friday, April 27, 2007

Another present.~!!! WEEE!!@@

huhuhu... Today , Alice Angel and Charles go outing without me... so not kawanship... haih.. let me alone at home.. jahat... but they bought me a shirt for my interview tomolo.. hehehe... so happy.. my first "pink" shirt..!!! hehehhe.... KLCC~!!! U wait lar.. Tomolo i go and CONQUER U.. wuakakakkakkaa...

nice and fit me... thanks all..

Thanks my Lovely frens..hehe

Today.. We ( me and charles ) head to pj once again for mango icecream at their thursday pasar malam in SS2.. We tried chicken chop at wai sek gai in ss2 also.. then we ate jagung.. wah.. damn full.. after that we ate another icecream but different flavour..haha.. then after that.. we balik alice and angel house.. waliu.. tat ah mu... eh no.. auntie ( respect .. respect haha) damn garang.. haih.. nvm lar... then then.. after that, SURPRISINGLY~~~!!!! WAh.. they bought me a cake.. and celebrate my birthday earlier.. hehe.. happy happy.. Thanks ya all my frens... hehe..

Haih... 23 years old liao.. haih... haih...
All that in the party..wuahaha
To all Who didnt know me... CAUTION.. my surname is not PUI~..its just a simbol of our close friendship.. wuahhaha..

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Typical Malaysian~!!

On 20-04-2007 which is friday, I snap this picture in the lif of the apartment i live... The decoration picture became like this d.. haih...

Three days after which is 23rd of april, the picture getting worse... aiyo yo.. Who the heck were too free to do all this ??

Then just after one day, which is on today.. The picture is gone...Wuahahahahha... Malaysia..Really a "Boleh-land"...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Since everyone posted about CRAZY NITE!@@

Haih.. Charles and Alice both posted about yesterday crazy nite.. I cannot lose also.. pui pui.. I start my story from the day before yesterday.. I follow my brother to PutraGagal to be his witness for his Marriage Registration, and when i back from the PutraGagal, finaly i decided to have my car washed and cleaned by some indian.. They are damn good and nice, they lap my car until the very last "kesan degil" leave my car.. haha..

But sadly, that nite my car is cursed by my da jie Alice ling aka samseng, Tat nite really rained and my car went kotor again.. haih.. Damn kek sim.. but nvm lar.. I still sayang them.. hahaha.. so Yesterday nite i decided to have another nite outing.. Went to uptown in PJ to have some nice sup ayam as my dinner then headed to bukit bintang.. Laoya place.. got nth one.. haih.. after that we decided to go to PutraGagal.. We ended up chitchating under the big yellow bridge infront of the convensyen centre.. Talked about our secondary crazyness ... I talked about my form 4's bad luck, Ah jen telling about his fat stomach, eh.. no no .. haha.. he talked about his acting skill, Alice talked about her dramatic survivor in skuter accident, Charles talked about CB guard in ukm who want him to die.. and angel only listening..ahhaha.. Sharing is wat i search for all this while.. small talk and chit chating with frens are nice to hold and kept as memories.. Thanks to all of them.. hehe..
From behind : Kancil WKK **** with Patrick the dog, Small JiNG the Red devil

Front line: Auntie Angel, Genius JiNG, Spitter Charles, Samseng Alice, Camera-man Ah Jen

My Bro is Registered..!!

Yeah to my Brother and my Ah sou.. Congrates!! Congrates!! ... Wish you both happy ever after.. Gembira tambah lagi Gembira di setiap hari... 天天都会快快乐乐的~!!! Photo taken from

I'm behind them.. Wuakaka.. not in the camera also..
Im on his right.. hehe.. not in the camera.. haih..
Me sudah balik tidur.. wuakakaka.
Congrates Congrates to You~!!

Tung and Christine 20-04-2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who is Abraham??

Last time when I like to read blog a lot, Coincidently i found a blog writing on "Who is Abraham?"... I was like just simply read it since its something "christian" but oh my.. This post is different.. This guy,Ktemoc, read a lot of books and do some research.. The post is using bible, Quran, and some other historical books(facts) to find out who is our father Abraham.. not only Abraham, Moses too.. He is trying to combine all those books and get all the similiar point or date to get which moses is Moses or which historian is actually Moses... Well.. I cant promise its realibility but its a great post to read.. If you are a person who like mysteries a lot.. yeah.. all these 21 episods sure suit you..

Who is Abraham 1 Who is Abraham 2 Who is Abraham 3

Who is Abraham 4 Who is Abraham 5 Who is Abraham 6

Who is Abraham 7 Who is Abraham 8 Who is Abraham 9

Who is Abraham 10 Who is Abraham 11 Who is Abraham 12

Who is Abraham 13 Who is Abraham 14 Who is Abraham 15

Who is Abraham 16 Who is Abraham 17 Who is Abraham 18

Who is Abraham 19 Who is Abraham 20 Who is Abraham 21

Ps: To those who wish to read above post, pls dont felt offended by any kind of words.. No matter you are christians, muslim or any other religions... Peace and Enjoy... credit all goes to Ktemoc

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Touch n GO

Oh man... Today interview sucks again.. I was full of confidence and walk in with full set of nicely cut hair, tidy shoes, with my most valueble smile.. but oh man... He only let me talk few words nia.. wuahahaha.. then ask me to sit for a test, a SQL test.. which, Paisehly... I done none of it.. shit shit... paiseh le... a computer science student dunno how to do SQL Query... I myslf wrote in my resume that I'm Intermediate in SQL... Oh shit.. The senior engineer looks disapointed.. But the boss still giving face.. haha.. the boss say, we want imediate ppl.. means, ppl that can start working today.. haha.. you today cannot ar?? wauahha... of coz cannot.. so he said wait until 15th May, if still no candidate, they will call me again lor... (dunno true or not lar..)

Then I go and meet with Ah jen, Alice and Angel...all A.. Huh... Triple A batt.. bodoh.. uwahaha.. we go lunch then I head back to serdang... I saw a Tambah nilai counter at toll so i decided to tambah my TnG card as I still have many outing with Charles them.. haha.. i passed my TNG card together with rm50 to the casher... suddenly ... eh boy... Ini Card TnG kah>? haha..

I stuck there think a while... Oh no... This is my green box member card... wuahaha.. my TnG card suppose to be like this...

Yeah.... Gaya Hidup Sebenar.. Itu lar JiNG~!!! Wuahahah...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

While Charles said his blog worth $0.00 , WuahahahaK~! So I go checked mine... Waliu~!!!

My blog is worth $16,417,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

My Gosh... while Charles goes on dreaming to win RM16 millions jackpot, My own blog worth more than $16 millions??? Walau.. well.. What shud i do first.. er.. First, 10 percent to God.. ok.. ill leave it to church.. then 10 percent each to my father and mother, brothers.. which means i still have 50% left with me.. wats shud i do.. ok... i go and belanja charles first.. CHARLES.. we go eat that rm89 buffet style... come on.. come on.. wuahahahha.. OH man.. never tot today will be in my life.. go modify my kancil first.. wuakakkaka.... but Actually...

No lar.. haha.. the real sum is as below.. Wuaahahhahak...

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

My Early Birthday Present~!!!!

I get my birthday Present earlier than I tot.. uwahhahaha... As promised , My Brother and My Ah Sou ( Christine ) will buy me a cd player for car, and a set of seat cover... Wuahahha... so last saturday we head to Puchong for Borthers.... Sadly (YEAH~!!) the promotion model already out... so this is the cheapest one we can get from brothers.. My Da Ge says, " I keluar HALF lar" wuahaha.. so for this player.. need to thanks my AH SOU, and my DA GE..

After that we head to Kelana Jaya for another Brothers... We found the seat cover.. we Bought it and have it install on my car.. wuahhahaha.. now all red red o.. Thanks to My second brother.. Mr Tang.. After that , we arrived at Wang utama.. with my half opened eyes and 10% conciusness, I redeemed my third present.. wuhahaaha.. formal slack for my interview used... Thanks DA GE~!! wuahaha..

and Most of all.. still need to thanks most to my second bro, MR Tang.. for His Kancil..wauhahaha...

I'm Waiting for My friends to give me present oo... wuahahhahaha... last year liao.. dont lokek lar.. wuakakakakakaka..........