Saturday, February 23, 2008

The first Girl i like...

Hmm.. Hmm... Yesterday I offered up my whole nite and whole morning to Cibol to celebrate his birthday.. haha.. To all who turned up yesterday nite, Nice to meet you all... ;P.. Gonna wait for you guys to post something about it and then i can go and grab some of the photo.. haha..

Current mood: For now, I'm gonna offer up my sleeping time for my jobs... shit..

When I went back to my hometown for CNY last few weeks, I actually grab a few things for my blog.. one of it was in my last post d.. About my first valentine gift.. so the next one will be the first Girl i liked.. hehe..

Everytime I went back, I always tried to look for my good old things.. and this time when I tried to selokar my drawer, I found my old name card.. only then i remembered that actually behind this name card of mine, got a photo of the first girl i liked.. haha..

I remember when I first liked this girl, she was a top student from class Tahun 6A and as for me, I was a TOP STUDENT too........ ..... but in class Tahun 6C.. haha.. ;P Being a low-profile student like me, I never dare to express my "so-call first love" to her.. I ended up seeing her smiled, cried from afar.. I also remembered got one time, my "so-call CLEVER-IN-CHASING-GIRL" cousin came to me and asked me to write a love letter to her.. oh man.. At those time, I tot that was a brilliant idea... but now think back to it, oh my.. I guess I was labeled as "kolot" in her mind that time.. @@!!
There's another thing which I will never forget it for the rest of my life.. When I was in form 1, my friends invited me to go to his house to play games.. and the STUPID-ME that time, put that girl's name as my charather in the game.. the next thing I knew was... when I went to school the next morning, the whole FORM 1 knew that I'm in love with her d.. diu.. kena betrayed by friend again.. so cham... so Paiseh..
Now the question is, why I put her photo behind my name card? That was one year after, where I dont really have this puppy-feeling anymore, I didnt know what to do with this photo.. Throw it away? but that would be too wasted.. Keep it? But how if my mom saw it? Later she tot I got gf liao.. haha.. not good not good.. so being a genius like me, I tampal it behind my namecard for safe keeping.. ;P
So thats' about my first time... Hows your first love?? hehe

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My first Valentine....

Yo.. At last.. the date which I scared most has arrived... 14/02/2008.. Tak sangka being a RAT, still need to be lonely in RAT's year's Valentine.. too bad.. haha.. But the date do reflects me on some sweet and nice memories on the only Valentine day celebration I had so far.. It's my first love and my only one so far.. I didnt mean that she still my gf, but after broke with her, I never succeed building any other relationship d.. hehe.. so thats the only memories on this very day which I can korek and share it here.. keke..
I'm not going to show you her face... hahaha.. This post only will show u what i get for my very first and only valentine day.. keke
Hehe.. Although I already forgot what is my feeling that time when I first received all this from her, but i guess I will/should be happy rite? haha..
Ah Ging is my name that time... I also forget since when I changed my alias to JiNG.. but one thing for sure, I'm always Genius.. Since the time I was born till now.. hahaha..
Haha.. pecah sikit tembelang, her name is Corinne.. Well, thanks for giving me such a memories... I mean, memories, nth more than that d.. hahaha..
So.. Here I want to wish Everyone out there, A Happy lasting Valentine's Day... to all singleton.. Try to work overtime tomolo, waukakakakaka.. ;P