Monday, June 18, 2007

KL Bloggers Night Out!

Yo.. I get this from a blogger called Elaine Tan from miccobayb .. HeHe.. quite interested to go actually.. But dunno will felt left out or not.. haha.. Coz I'm not a well-known blogger.. So.. To all my blogger friends.. Wanna go with me?? hehe. Go and meet those blogger that we always read daily.. hehe.. Anyway.. Here are the details about the gathering.. Do let me know if you all want to go.. but not register with me ar.. If want to register, must go to Elaine Tan blog..

VENUE : Friendster Cafe [Damansara Perdana]
LG01 & 01A, Plaza EmeraldJalan PJU 8/3A,
Damansara Perdana.47820 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor Darul Ehsan

DATE : 14th July!

TIME : 8PM 'til late!

THEME : Cosplay? Geek? (There will be BEST DRESSED PRIZE!)

Got map somemore.. So I guess this time I wont sesat liao lar.. haha

Nah.. Yesterday sleep too early lar.. That's this morning wake up damn early.. haha..

Friday, June 15, 2007

=.="" Update lar~!!

Fuh.. Working life are definitely HECTIC and challenging.. Dont have time to really chat and update with you guys.. So I just update here la...

First of all.. Today will be my last day for training in Accenture KLCC office.. This monday I will be sent over to MENARA MAYBANK for the project there.. WAh... More human traffic there than klcc le.. cham cham...

Then.. My result out liao.. The first things i look for is my CGPA and I was like " YEAH~!!!!!!!" " Praise God Praise GOD~!~ I get second upper class.. wuahaha.. I successfuly increase my CGPA from 2.974 to 3.0375... Tee~~ hehee... Hmm.. Not bad Not Bad... But then hor.. I look at my FYP grade.. " =.= "" " .....................................................................................



MCB~!!! Get A minus????? What the heck???? After all the things u mentioned to me and all the task you asked me to do, now only give me A minus??????????????? I WANT A lar... cilaka.. If I know, I wont so generous go and print the hard cover for you lar.. haih.. sien.. sob sob.. No mood diao.. Next time baru update with you ppl lar.. Tats all for now.. fuh.. Chao~!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

JiNG on "The Truth About Sarawak"

Yo.. I read tro some blogs and get to read this post about "The truth about Sarawak".. from blog Clare and Wuching .. Altho I didnt get tagged by them.. but Just felt that I want to be part of this also.. haha.. here you go...

Q: Oh, you are from Sarawak! *eyes wide with excitement* So far away! How you people come here ah?
A: My father personal boat..Damn interesting le.. can stop by the middle of the sea to have some diving session..

Q: Oh, like that! So back home, you people live in trees ar?
A: Haha.. You so clever ar .. to say " in the trees" instead of on the trees.. How you know we live in the trees with lif?? Geng wor..

Q: You guys have electricity or not?
A: No.. we are environment friendly .. The TREES will provide us with the power... ever see Elves tribe in The lord of the Ring?? almost the same thing..

Q: Kuching got airport or you use boat go Johor?
A: Oh.. pity you.. You never take flight before ar?? Never saw "Kuching" name on those destination board?? Haih.. I guess u never being to any.. Laoya le you .. KL ppl never take flight is like Human never shit le.. Shame on u.. shame on u..

Q: How long if you take bus from Singapore to Kuching?
A: =.=" .. you never listen to me is it?

Q: Over there got what car?
A: No lor.. We use tree's root.. The root will move as the escalator you have in KLIA.. oh.. sorry.. forget you never been to KLIA before.. So.. its like escalator in Mid_valley..

Q: Got road or not?
A: Road?? You mean the highway like wat you have here?? no.. But our LongKang looks almost the same as your highway lo.. We all use escalator one.. remember?? as in klia? opss.. its mid valley..

Q: You Bidayuh from Sulawesi there huh?
A: =.=" .. Ever play DOTA?? the Troll berseeker ... Tats our tribe.. The head hunter..

Q: Sarawak inside Sabah, right?
A: Fu*ck You ..

Q: Eh? Sabah Sarawak not the same meh?
A: Then you are same as indonesia lor..

Q: Kuching how big ar?
A: Sarawak as big as whole penisular malaysia, got 12 state in penisular but Sarawak only have 9 city.. U guess how big le?? Your Kl are like peanut to us lar..

Q: Kuching got a lot of cats hoh?
A: Haha.. so Kuala Lumpur got a lot of LUMPUR eh??

Q: Sarawak got Malay?
A: =.=" .. China got chinese or not??

Q: Sarawak people can speak English?
A: .=.=""""" . . What do you think am I used to speak to you now?? Cha dou...

Q: You people from Sarawak use Ringgit?
A: No.. Money are useless for us there... Coz GOLD are everywhere on the floor.. haih.. see also see sien liao ..

Yo.. haha.. Now i wanna tag this few Sarawakian..
1. Ah Jen
2. Alice
3. Angel
4. Rose
5. Pak Ken
6. Cibol

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Second week of Abap training in Accenture went on quite smooth for me... except for the part where I accidentaly fell asleep.. hehe.. One good things is that I get to know all my Teammate more and more.. haha.. Yo GUYs.. U GUYS ROCKS~!! but dont too bangga la.. hahaha...

Ok, Whats with my title " Salam." .. Today when Im coming back, I met up with some arabian looks oba-san~~.. 5 of them I guess.. one oba-san, two kids, and two lady... The first impression i get from them is that " Ei ?? ... Black and white.. haha.. " -- coz 2 out of five are white while all other are quite dark.. While I'm still lingering in my own mind-set world, suddenly this Oba-san turn to me and greet me " SALAM~~~ " politely and softly... SO.. being a friendly guy for 23 years, I greeted back " SALAM ~~" politely and gently... Yeah.. there I tot Ive done a good job d.. but that Oba-san show a damn big reaction of surprise.. I was like =.=" .. want meh.. U greet me first wor.. Then asked me few question like " Are you Malay? " The dialog goes like this : -

Oba : Are you Malay??
blur JiNG : Haha.. No.. I'm Chinese ( =.="""" .. I look like malay meh?? )
Oba : Ooooo.... ( turn away )
Oba again : Some chinese I met before... When I say "Salam.." They "bla bla bla" ( I dunno what
she said.. She Geleng kepala ) *but I get what she mean lar.. Means they not hiu
blur JiNG : oh is it? .. ( not dare to say too much for i didnt catch the actual words )
Oba : But some chinese like you, very nice.. they replied.. hehe..
Proud JiNG : Oo.. is it?? HEHE ( damn proud now )

-- then the lift arrived at her destined level.. Being in the middle of my own PROUDNESS, i say "SEE YA" hahaha... damn happy..

Well, this Oba-san are a really very polite Oba and i get to know she is from Sudan from the conversation.. haha.. Well.. If all Malaysian behave like this.. I guess Malaysia will be heaven d.. haha.. But most Malaysian only talk cocks all day long.. Even country leader also talk cock.. Diu.. Everyday come out say what MEMBASMI KEMISKINAN lar .. What will give budget to REPAIR WATER SYSTEM in some kampung lar... bla bla bla lar.. Diu lei... Say so much for what, no action one.. Say wanna help Rakyat, but keep on increasing the toll.. Diu lei ar .. If you derma 1% of your monthly income to one kampung, I believe that kampung can live a life like what I have in Serdang liao lor... We eat Roti Canai nia everyday , you eat all nice nice soup.. We jimat duit by taking LRT, You once come, need to block the road for you.. My parent took 10 years saving money to buy our own house, Your one Wedding nia oledi 10 times more than the amount d... See the differents between our life?? You not worth to talk cock infront of us lar.. Make me damn du lan nia sometimes.. haha..

Wah.. I just knew I got so many things to say about them.. cham.. tired d.. Sleep first.. Tomolo cannot be late liao.. haha..

Pam one full tank need RM35.. haih.. Damn pain my heart..

Expedisi to Redang...

The Redang trip cause my skin to become so dark.. sien.. not leng chai liao.. =.="




The Sohai


OPPS~!!!...HAHA.. Not this one.. sorry sorry.. put wrong pic..

It's this one... haha..

Malaysia BOLEH~!!!! .. This Island is mine~!! hehehe..

ps: To those who said I'm not friend enuf.. hey.. I got reserved one island for you also.. see.. I'm damn nice le..


------------------ TA TA~!!! See... nice or not.. wuahahha.. Dont look down on this island.. Can build one coconut shield there le.. haha

Saturday, June 02, 2007



Wah.. My life is all about coding now.. SAP ABAP are indeed hard to learn due to its 'too sensitiveness' and some DUMB table.. haha.. I can't imagine what my life will be in two or three months to come.. I dont even have proper time to rest well.. How am I going to continue the things that I oledi started? Haih..

Yesterday I encounter few verses when I try to read some books.. "Life is all about relationship".. well.. true enuf.. Try to imagine what our life will be if we dont have friends around us.. It's like.. WAKE UP + GO TO WORK + SIT DOWN PROPERLY + TAKE BOOKS + OPEN LAPTOP + LISTEN TO THE COURSE + BACK HOME + SLEEP + REPEAT.... Walau eh.. I will die if I didnt have anyone to talk to.. Then another verse sound this way " Time is the best gift of one relatioship " .. Hmm.. The author explains it this way - Your children doesnt really needs your money most.. They wants YOU.. So.. by making yourslf free enuf to accompany them will be the best gift ever to your children.. hehe.. Agreed with this one? Now I wonder will I encountered with any relationship?? I mean.. After work with Accenture, do I really have TIME to be spend with the one I love?? Aiyo.. Guess I need to start making up some plan for my life d.. Else.. I guess my life will just be WORK + WORK + WORK + DIE + bla.. bla.. bla.. haha..

Recently Id try to settle down everything that were unsettled in my life.. Trying to be mature a bit, I added back Corinne's contact no to my hp.. Same goes for her friendster acc.. I guess, I have no reason to avoid any friendship from her anymore.. But not sure how much have I grew.. Just wait and see.. haha.. as end of this post.. Here the Photo for all the reader and a song for corinne..
To those who dont believe tat I actually didnt wear shirt in Redang.. NAH~~!! The proof is here.. hehe

The best photo that I Liked The MOST.. hehe

Supposely the best day of my life.. Ended up become the day of my regretness..

Listen at your own risk.. Dont laugh me.. Just simply a song..

This is what happened when you have quality Friends.. haha..

曾經: 詞 /曲:鄭凌旭
詞:27 / 7 / 2002 - 3 / 8 / 2002 曲:27 / 7 / 2002 - 3 / 8 / 2002

快樂的聊著天;吹著風 … …

曾經快樂的在一起;但它卻只是曾經;( 但是它最終卻只剩回憶 );
流下的淚水;已陪我漸漸入睡 … …

曾經的一切;將隨時間而流逝 … …

Friday, June 01, 2007


hehe... So today I wake up late a bit at around 6.20am... but fortunately I still can take the 7.05am train... Haha.. Just tat the train didnt come at all... The train arrived late at 7.2oam and is packed again.. damn.. but still consider good compare to 7.50am train.. haha.. How come my day never been perfect ar?? If its not KTM problem, it will be LRT prob.. IF my ktm journey is smooth, then i will need to worry about LRT for sure.. haha.. and today.. Its KTM prob... so.. when it comes to taking LRT.. wah... The LRT i take is empty le.. hahha. so nice.. but after tat got so much ppl also lar.. haha.. So... the result is that, I arrived at 8.15am... Hm.. considering Ah jen's idea(mc d) hahaha... Not acceptable.. cos i have my free breakfast provided by the company.. haha.. if i went to Mc d.. My salary burned.. haha.. ok lar.. tats all lar.. haha