Yeah Yeah... Damn long didnt update my blog d.. Some of the pictures somemore deleted by my host d. HAHa.. Paiseh Paiseh.. k k .. Now here are the updates.. 

Not much things happened during the silence periods for my blog, like normal, I have gathering, outing, then trip or some celebrations.. My company gang nowadays doesnt have much outing together, getting more and more pasive d I guess.. HAHA.. But my yinzi gang still as active as before.. Same goes to my coursemate.. haha .. We have some gathering for Computer Science majoring in System in Wong Kok.. Not much photo taken but still, the memories stay on..   
Then during the last day for MIFC, dunno who suggested we use motorbike to go to PutraJaya to enjoy the the so called bunga api.. SoB.. Damn dangerous man.. Few motor in the highway.. waliau eh.. May be it have been too long since the last time i use my bike, haha.. tats why so scared.. But actually the outing a bit boring too.. Cos all of them are in pairs.. sob sob.. Anyway, altho its bored, but then at least thats one of the many memories that worth to be kept. We became mat rempit that nite.. hahaha  
Last week, which was the Moon Cake festival. Few of us planned and went to Genting to celebrate our moon festival there.. The reason why was that, Genting is nearer to the Moon, so... er.. haha.. tats the reason.. 
Both of the guys and gals are not couple.. Those two are our friend's girlfriend.. haha.. Altho both photos also we pairs up, but thats simply because they were so kind hearted want to ease our boredom as a singleton.. hehe.. 
This Go kart really too slow.. but, even if they gave me the fast one, Im not sure I can handle it or not, since the last time i played the real go kart, i got last.. :P 
Some cam whoring event.. Trying to make it looks spontaneous, but failed.. 
Ok.. Badut will never be my favourite all this while, but since im so bored, so we go there to see see.. Ends up, wow.. the way they make the balloon, damn yao yeng man.. hehe.. This BaD-ut wanna charge me Rm5 for one photo.. sob.. I walked away then he said JK JK.. :P so there goes my free photo. haha 
Another one.. Hmm.. anyone ever think of doing charity by becoming badut? It's quite meaningful you know.. hehe 
Spent few hours in the casino and won some of uncle lim's son's money.. hhmm not bad not bad.. Even when i play the lot machine, i won as well.. hahah.. first time in my life.. normally RM10 finished in few minutes.. :P 

Next Stop: Pulau Redang... 27th - 28th September 2008
Estimated Expenses: Free :P 
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