Friday, April 25, 2008

My Life~!!

Yo.~!!!.. I'm lost for so long.. not because of love lar.. aiyoyo.. IT's because I'm too busy with my workload.. plus my funload.. haha.. In this month only, My life seems so happening.. kekeke..

Annual dinner.. keke.. first time i dressed up..

KL Freeze.. erm.. hopefully no one notice what have i done that day.. aha

Hot air belon, finally, i get to fly.. wuwahahahha.. who else wanna play??

JAY Concert.. hehe..

And tomorrow, need to work overtime lar... sien.. But this sunday is gonna be another big day.. hehe.. we will have Sky Trekking near Shah Alam.. hehe

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Never Knew..

Love.. is what I expected to have... GF... is what I wish I have.. I always thought that "If I ever fell in love with somebody and get to be with her, I will never ever let her go"... But I was too reckless that I didnt realised I cant take in any commitment right now.. Never realised that I enjoyed this freedom so much.. Being in the middle of two status, never knew I myself will choose single.. Guess I will stay single for quite a long time now.. haha.. Unless if got anyone can change me?? :P HAHA..

Latest news of me, I fell, I chased, I hold, and We broke.. Hmm.. Should be happy or sad? I guess both got.. haha..