Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Legend of NameWee~!! Updated on 4th Sept

Wow... NameWee first album is out in the market... No negarakuku though.. haih haih.. sien.. haha.. Where to get?? You can get it from = speedy/tower/rock corner/music valleyTrack list:01. 妈妈说 02. One Night Stand 03. 盗版之王 04. 可怜的小弟 05. 麻坡的华语 06. 可爱的小弟(Demo版) 07. 可怜的小弟(Live版) 08. 麻坡的华语(Live版忘词版) 09. One Night Stand(Minus One) 10. 可怜的小弟(Minus One)

Below are the things why NameWee should be a legend.. haha..

Video I get this from Alice.. haha.

Nissan Drift in Putra Jaya.. ;P

I just bought a new car... and just now I tried my new car at our kebanggaan Putra Jaya.. Hey.. I can drift my car le.. hahaha.. Take a look at my new car..

Nissan Z and Nissan Silvia??

Same as yesterday.. I was tired and can't write too much.. Let the video tell the story lar.. haha..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Counting Leng lui in My Convocation.. ;P

Coursemate.. Lui counted - 1
Lui-s counted - 2
Lui-s counted - 3

Music Club (音子) - Luis counted - 4
Lui-s counted - 5
Lui-s counted - 6
Lui-s counted - 8
Lui-s counted - 9
Lui-s counted - 10
Lui-s counted - 11
Company Colleagues - Lui-s counted - 12
Lui-s counted - 13
Leng lui - Lui-s counted - 14
Church Friends - Lui-s counted - 18
Lui-s counted - 19
Lui-s counted - 20
Lui-s counted - 21
Kancil's Gang - Lui-s counted - 23
My Family luis.. haha... Lui-s counted - 24
Brother and Sister in law.. Lui-s counted - 25

Wuakkakakakaka... so all together I took pictures with 25 lui-s for my Convo session.. hahahhahaha.... So happy... As for guys... err.. Sorry le... Will post up something including you ppl soon.. wauhahaha...

I'm trying to be like SmashPop.. haha..

I haven't get all the photos from my friends so that I can compile them into one full set.. hmm.. so I postpone the convo post first lar.. haha.. This one.. haih.. I was trying to be Smashpop and try to jump like him... But end up somethings stupid like below.. haha..

I'm Holy.. hahahahahha.. I was grandted the god of Graduation.. See my mortar board???? Berkilau kilau oooo. wuahahhahahaa..

First try.....

Second try, Failed.. haha

Shit le... The leg cannot open d...

Yeah~!!!.. But so damn hard to take this kind of picture.. haih.. Any Tips?? wuhahahaha...

Sunday, August 26, 2007


=.+"" I think I tersepak the girl in black's head le.. so sorry.. ;P

=.=!!!!!! Sob.. sob.. Threw too high... Ter-Tiup by the wind... I almost need to pick up my mortal board on a lumpur d.. hahahahaha.. Anyway.. I'm too tired to update my blog now.. So hope you enjoy with these pic first lar... Stay tune for the next post.. hahaa.. more interesting photos.. keke.. nite..

p/s: To all friends who come to my convo and support me, Thanks you very much... and to those friends who cannot come but still support me, Thanks you little much... haha.. To all those who didnt support me.. Thanks you also lar.. ;P