Found this place while looking for honeymoon destination nearby, some other alternative than Maldives. It's located in Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, and it's a love shaped island surrounded by blue seas and corals. Here you get to enjoy daily sunrise and sunsets, which normally you only get to enjoy one, you get to enjoy some amazing clean stars gazing right from your villa, snookering right in front of your villa with some nemo swimming nearby.

A DIY Preview movies I made for our honeymoon, please enjoy it. :) 

How to get there:

1.     Make reservation, email to or go to their website Their package is around 3.5mil Rupiah per night currently, that's about 240usd today. This includes seaside rooms, all meals, airport transports, and even beers. :)
2.    To reach Pulo Cinta Island
·       Fly to Gorontalo, Sulawesi Indonesia (Jalaluddin Airport). If no direct flight to Gorontalo from your place, fly to Jakarta, Indonesia first. Then from Jakarta, choose Batik Air or Garuda to Gorontalo diretly. Personally I would recommend using Batik Air to go. Batik Air flight time will be 2.10am, it will take 3 hours for you to reach Gorontalo in a direct flight, 6.10am local Gorontalo time (Jakarta time is UTC+7, while Gorontalo is UTC+8).
·       From Gorontalo, the resort will send a van to pick you up, it will take 2 hours village drives for you to reach the Jetty (called Dermaga in Indonesia).
·       From Jetty, the island is just across the sea, 15 minutes on boat.
3.       To go back from Pulo Cinta Island.
·       Resort will prepare boats and van to fetch you back to Gorontalo Airport (Jalaluddin Airport)
·       There are few local flights that can bring you back to Jakarta, but the best timing flight would be Garuda Airline, flight time is 1.50pm. It will give you enough time to wake up, have a proper last day breakfast, spend some time saying good bye to the Island and friendly staff, and depart from the Island at 10am. You will be able to reach Airport at around 12.30 noon. This flight will stop-over at Makasar but it's not a transit, so you just sit tight in the plane, continue your in-flight movies while waiting for the plane to fly back to Jakarta.

1.     There is no Wifi in the resort. The only internet or mobile lines you get there is Telkomsel. For those who traveled from abroad, please get a Telkomsel or if you prefer roaming using your original line, get connected to Telkomsel, not others.
2.     Prepare additional or enough Rupiah or IDR. There are few activities you can do in the island, and those comes with cost:
a.       Island Hooping - Around 800k rupiah for two persons. And please bring Rupiah when you are going for Island Hooping, why? go to "b" below.
b.      Buying Lobsters - Around 500k Rupiah to get two decent big Lobsters. The tour guide will help you bring back to resort's restaurant and they will grill or cook for you for free. :)
c.       Fishing Trips - Around 600 Rupiah per trip. You get to experience the traditional way of fishing using just strings, on the wide seas. Whatever you managed to get in the trip, that will be your additional dish for your dinner. :D
d.      There are also Discovery Scuba Diving trip, which cost around 1mil IDR if not mistaken. I didn't went for this, but they showed me photo of the corals which only existing in two places in the world, the big trumpet corals, not sure how true is that but from the photo, it's about more than 1 metres high.

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