Friday, October 10, 2008


CAM Whore is BACK~!!!! wu hu... ok.. I went to Berjaya Redang with the whole project team and guess what, i manage to cam whore a lot.. hahahahha .. The first two will be the best view of the redang beach and the rest will be my cam whoring photos.. haha.. Quite tired now so i wont write any story or explanation.. Let the pictures talk~!! 

Next post: Koh Samui.... 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

After so long...

Yeah Yeah... Damn long didnt update my blog d.. Some of the pictures somemore deleted by my host d. HAHa.. Paiseh Paiseh.. k k .. Now here are the updates.. 

Not much things happened during the silence periods for my blog, like normal, I have gathering, outing, then trip or some celebrations.. My company gang nowadays doesnt have much outing together, getting more and more pasive d I guess.. HAHA.. But my yinzi gang still as active as before.. Same goes to my coursemate.. haha .. We have some gathering for Computer Science majoring in System in Wong Kok.. Not much photo taken but still, the memories stay on..   
Then during the last day for MIFC, dunno who suggested we use motorbike to go to PutraJaya to enjoy the the so called bunga api.. SoB.. Damn dangerous man.. Few motor in the highway.. waliau eh.. May be it have been too long since the last time i use my bike, haha.. tats why so scared.. But actually the outing a bit boring too.. Cos all of them are in pairs.. sob sob.. Anyway, altho its bored, but then at least thats one of the many memories that worth to be kept. We became mat rempit that nite.. hahaha  
Last week, which was the Moon Cake festival. Few of us planned and went to Genting to celebrate our moon festival there.. The reason why was that, Genting is nearer to the Moon, so... er.. haha.. tats the reason.. 
Both of the guys and gals are not couple.. Those two are our friend's girlfriend.. haha.. Altho both photos also we pairs up, but thats simply because they were so kind hearted want to ease our boredom as a singleton.. hehe.. 
This Go kart really too slow.. but, even if they gave me the fast one, Im not sure I can handle it or not, since the last time i played the real go kart, i got last.. :P 
Some cam whoring event.. Trying to make it looks spontaneous, but failed.. 
Ok.. Badut will never be my favourite all this while, but since im so bored, so we go there to see see.. Ends up, wow.. the way they make the balloon, damn yao yeng man.. hehe.. This BaD-ut wanna charge me Rm5 for one photo.. sob.. I walked away then he said JK JK.. :P so there goes my free photo. haha 
Another one.. Hmm.. anyone ever think of doing charity by becoming badut? It's quite meaningful you know.. hehe 
Spent few hours in the casino and won some of uncle lim's son's money.. hhmm not bad not bad.. Even when i play the lot machine, i won as well.. hahah.. first time in my life.. normally RM10 finished in few minutes.. :P 

Next Stop: Pulau Redang... 27th - 28th September 2008
Estimated Expenses: Free :P 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The question will always be "What am I ?"..

Do anyone out there ever asked yourself, who actually are you?? I do.. I have always liked myself and are somehow confident of who I am on this day.. but somehow, not everyone will see the same thing as i do.. Some might labelled me as talk no action.. some might even labelled me as immature.. and the list goes on .. So who do you think I am? I believe I do have a bunch of good friends who are always there by my side..

I carried too much worries .. care too much unecessary things .. and most of it stop me from moving forwards.. I have put down some of the burdens once, and this time, I'm going to put all of it an end notes.. Whatever happens, it happened so I will just let it be a histories.. be it I understand or not, if i dont, then just let it be a mystery..

I will be trying to archieve my goal with this new mode and if anyone of you sensed something wrong with my direction, just stop me.. as of all things changed, I will never change my definition of a friend.. Will I be able to jump higher and further compare to last time? Lets see how it goes.. hehe.. To most of you, i might sound talking non-sense, but to those who knows the way I talk, wish me good luck.. :P

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've never changed... err a bit..

For the past 11 years.. I have tried my best to build up my own personality which can differentiate me from the others.. But I guess somehow, our personality isnt something that we can build up.. It's something built-in ourself before we knew about it.. Do anyone know what is the exact things that effected the growth of our personality? Why is it you and me are different in thinking and doing things? Is it because I watch Doraemon when im young while you watched Tom and Jerry? Or may be i watched Dragon ball while you watched Batman? Ultraman and Power Rangers? Haha... Whatever things is tat, doesnt matter anymore.. I have my own personality now.. Which I believe, haven changed at all since the first day I step into Form 1.. Believe it or not, let me prove to u.. hehe..

I never forget to play even when everyone is busy doing works..(Which sometimes might ter-kacao others..) hehe

I never forget to look at camera when everyone dont.. hahhaha

I never forget to be different in the photo.. hahaa..

And I'm still always kena bullied wherever I go.. Like always... haih... Like Abap gang do.. haih.. Always spoil my good photo.. haih.. haih.. hahha

And I ... err.. for this.. err.. I leave it to you to make the judgement.. :P Am I still the same?

The answer why I'm different from you is not because I watched too much Shin Chan or Doraemon.. haha.. The only reason is because of the ppl I mixed with during my fight in the youth time..

People said "Mixed with a king, you become a king, Mixed with a monkey, you become a monkey".. Err.. Sorry for making you all a camwhore.. wauahahhaa

The seniors who guided me, the friends who fell and grew with me, and the girl i chased :P.. You all played a part in my life.. ... a part only.. dont too proud. hehe..

When everyone started to doubt me.. you are the one who still put the trust on me despite what everyone told you.. Well.. Thanks a lot my lovely priest..

The first competition I joined.. The first band I have.. The first runner-up i get.. You guys are all The Best...

The only things changed is that, I didnt go for Morning mass everyday d.. Not even every week.. cham.. hehe.. Pray for me.. :P

So that's me with my personality.. and my past of cos.. How's yours?? Have you found your personality? Are you proud of it? or you still trying your best to define your personality?? Whats say you??

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How many soul can enjoy their lives?

1000 ppl know what they dreams on.... But only 100 know how to act to archieve it.... and among this 100, only 10 ppl can stay focus on their dreams without losing their way in the journey to archieve it. Most people knows what are they dreams and goal in this small world, but how many of them really know what important most? Many of them lose their grab on the true goals they have in their mind when they faced problem in the middle of the journey to make their dream come true.. They eventually were destroying it instead of archieving it...

So my topic here is about money... Guess all of you knew what money is.. But how many actually realised the power of the money? It have the power to give happiness and at the same time to destroy your life... For what purpose we want to earn a lot of money? So that we can enjoy and have a better life in the future?? But what's your definition of "the future" ?? Is tomorrow also counted as the future? It is true that we need to earn money so that we can have a better life tomorrow, but many of us stray away from their true goals... Many actually throw away almost everything in order to reach maximum earning, including their friends, their loves one, and their family.. To them, as long as I got money, i can have friends... as long as I drive a good car, then girls will come to me.. then i can have my own happy family... But do you really sure that you can stop your habit when the time comes?? or do you even know when is the time to stop?? Unless you have a real damn good concentration in your mind (which most of us dont have), else you will end up never ever enjoy yourself until the end of your story on this earth...

So be focus on the true goal in front of u.. If you are focus enough, you even can start enjoying your life now... When you try to earn a big money so that you can improve your family life, but in the end, the process caused you to lose touch on the family matters, then whats the point? You trying to earn big money so that you can enjoy your life when you are in your 30s.. but the process caused you to lose all your friends, your love one, then whats the point? You are actually destroying what you work for.. I didnt said that trying our best to earn money is wrong, just that we should know how to balance it between our life.. between our goals and whats happening now.. We should know how to control our money instead of let the influence of money effect our daily life..

May be no one understand my post but at least I write out what i have in mind... Whether its useful to you or not, its all depends on how you digest it.. hehehe.. Many might said I still dont understand as I not yet felt the painful of life, and ask me to wait until i reach their age and then i will understand... But sorry guys, I have been listening to this even when im still a 16 years old young small youth... When you are in your 20s, you told me i wont understand before i felt it for myself.. But now im in my 20s d, I'm still living a happy life which denied your theories on the hardship everyone faced in this age.. I can be sure that even after i reach my 30s, I will stay the same.. The problem with those ppl are that they all too full of themserve and thought that they are the best and if they cant do it, no one can.. Well.. This kind of ppl destroyed a lot of youth in my time, but... there are few who survived it... It proved that the "impossible" they mentioned are actually possible. The life is at your own hand.. grab it or you lose it.. Its all depend on how you THINK... hahaha.. What's your call??

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Where the story began...

These were where Everything Began...

If you are a reader from the begining, then you will know not so long time ago, I have a bunch of friends called themselve the Famous "Kancil GANG".. haha.. That was before all of us get graduated and head to different direction of life..

Upon joining a company called "???"(I was not allowed to blog about it.. so see it your self ^.^).. I then met with these crazy colleages who called themselve the Glamour "ABAP GANG"!!

Haha.. The training room in level "??" ^.^ is the place where we first met.. Why I said these bunch of colleages are crazy?? Cos during training time, someone (which i forget who d) invited everyone into a conference using MSN and tell everyone " BORED and SLEEPY LAR "(not the exact words, but something with such a meaning lar..hehe) // :P Thats how we all began to trust and get along with each other..

Our first Group photo... (Where we still dont really trust each other yet.. you see the girl at the most left, she so scared of that guy until stand so far away from the group.. hahahahha )

Our first unofficial outing.. hehe.. We tried out the korean food near ampang point.. Once more, the last guy at left gone crazy.. He go and bought some super duper geli "worms" and dare me to eat together... "eeeeeeeEEEE".. End up both of us also not dare to taste that horible things.. :P

Another prove why they are crazy... See both Up and Down photo.. hahahhaa.. (Above photo, is called How Wei... a good guy who waited for me outside the toilet and never dumb me alone during the first day we met.. kekekeke.. He is a BMW fans.. Every series he also know.. and thats his dream car.. charming and fit.. but girls, if you wanna date him, dont speak "malay".. He only know satu, dua, tiga ,bla bla bla.. wuahhahahaha... :P.. (mari bagi tau you all satu secret.. ada satu malam, dia kena paksa pakai baju perempuan... dia pernah ada nen nen besar, pernah pakai mekap.. cakap macam perempuan, jalan macam perempuan.. wauahhahaha.. mau tengok gambar tak? lain kali la saya kasi tunjuk.. kekekeke.. ^>^ ))..

(As for the second PEE-er, he is Jason.. another good friend who always same project with me.. wauahhahaha.. dunno we got yuan or what.. now somemore sit together in the same cubicle.. hopefully we wont break any mountains.. :P.. He have a clearer view on what he himself want in the future.. So, he like to stress himself up until everyone around him get crazy.. wauahhaha... except me... I'm not effected cos im Genius.. lol.. Why I asked, he told me "his way is to stress himself up so that he can improve faster... ").. hhmm.. I know a lot of his secret.. So i have one quote which is best suited him.. ("When he stress, everyone crazy.. When he not stress, he gone crazy playing") Wuakakakakaka.. :P

So.. with the title " Glamour ABAP Gang ", we not only conquered KLCC, but also KL Tower.. haha.. This is my first time to be on KL tower, and its with them.. hehe..

Haih.. I dunno why I'm being hated so much.. everyone seems want to punch me everytime we took photo.. :(

WE gone through almost everything together (except for those buang tahi and air thingy :P).. We celebrated the day when we get our new laptop together also.. hehe.. at San Francisco..

Below are... err... look at his face.. hahahaha.. nvm nvm.. i will introduce him when he got a better photo later on.. WUAKAKAKA..

So.. Along our journey together, we have our convocation one by one.. The girl who graduated below is CY... Who is she?? She is my photographer.. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........

OpppSSS.. wuhahaha.. Jk only Jk only... She is the most active member of ABAP GANG and always constribute in outing suggestions or ideas... in the other words, she's the craziest one.. wauahhahaha.. ok ok .. Most of our photos are taken with her camera by her.. haha.. which means she was the one who always sacrifice and always not in the photos.. wauahhahaha.. She like ABAP GANG sooooo much until she go and bought a DSLR camera just to snap our photos.. Wuahaha.. She is a food hunter also.. She like foods soooo much until she can eat first and worried about her FATS later.. wuakakkakakaka.. huh?? Wondering whether she fat or not? Sabar lar.. scroll down and you will see her uncovered perut..HEHEHEHEHE

Ok.. They all come to my convo also.. so nice~! hehe.. Who is me?? hhmm.. ppl called me genius.. :P

This glamour gang not only an outing freak.. We are very patriotic ppl also.. We all go and support MCA youth Concerts at Dataran Merdeka.. hehe.. Forget what's our intention already.. but one thing for sure is, Tai Penny is HOTTTT!! man.. hehehe..

This is our first concert together and we all shout like hell.. ermm.. (only when Tai Penny sang :P)... others ar.. so so lar..

SEE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you they hate me... haih.. SIT on ME somemore.. so sad.. :(

So.. one thing which cannot be missed up in a TEAM BUILDING session is a out of town TRIP!. hehe.. We chose PD as its near and easier to archive.. hehe..

This trip so far is our only successful out of town trip.. We planned a lot a lot of outing but failed most of the times.. haha.. So, this only trip will be keep in our hearts as a sweetest and greatest memories... It will be jotted down in histories for the rest of earth life.. haha..

We tried to looks cool... but that guy on the right, macam tengah buang tahi ja.. wauahhahaa....

Hmm.. Please remember the guy with the tongue out.. I will introduce him later on.. as for now, please remember him as HORNY.. wauakakka

Hmm.. altho in this photo, we looks damn bored.. but dont be cheated by the looks.. We are damn happy and satisfied in the heart. WE ABAP GANG use heart to feel one.. haha..

This trip also show how coorperative we all are.. Some brought OTAK OTAK from muar.. some prepared barbeque foods.. some driving.. some contribute money.. and me.. Eating.. hehehhee

Tengok betul betul.. the TANGLONG How Wei took is a SAILORMOON.. wauahhhahaa.. its a gift from CY to him.. and he liked it a lot... why?? see below..

WUAHAHAHA... and he never fail to share the good things with his buddy.. thats why i said he is a good guy.. wauahhahaha

When I'm down with putus-cinta feeling, they are there to accompany me.. haha.. Even during the lonely Christmas season, they accompany me out to snap some photos.. This is where CY used her new EXPENSIVE camera to snap us.. hehehe.. (My wording getting bored and bored is it? Cos I'm very tired now.. hahhaa.. this post too long. :P)

Ok ok.. Let me introduce another member of our super GANG.. The girl in white is AY WEN... We called her BEAR because " AW = A&W = A&W Bear = BEAR ".. haha.. See the photo as the prove. She is blur blur type of girl.. Easily to believe in whatever bluff we craped out.. Any shit from the bull she also eat.. wauahhaha.. jk jk .. She famous with her care and concern to the members of our ultra GANG.. Dont see her as a good good and shy shy girl, she is a dangerous gal.. Not available at the moment... One thing you need to be careful with her, is that even tho she said "nvm", you better still be gentlement to her.. Gentlement as in "help her carry beg lar" or "help her take food lar" or "bla bla bla"... ELSE, your name will appeared in her beautiful blog (read by thousand of leng luis) as a JERK who is sooooooooooooooo nooooooot GENTLEMENT.. :P So better be good to her to get more chances to get closer to the leng luis friends she have.. hehe

Terry Fox Running.. As I said, we are not a bunch of JERK who only know how to spend money.. Apart from being patriotic, we are also IN for the charity run.. hehe.. See all leng lui and leng chai below with their fit fit body?? They are the glamour GANG.. hehehe

Do you realised that this photographer likes to take our back(ass) so much?? hhmm.. I wonder what's her intention.. haha :P

Fuh.. tired tired.. I better write faster else i will get collapes soon.. Ok.. The story doesnt end here.. After so long i never contribute anything to the GANG, finally I get a chance to be part of the contributer.. hehe.. I shared with them a romantic place for them to bring their spouse for a romantic and jingle jingle ling dinner.. hehe.. Actually not so geng lar.. Just a KL Lookout Point.. :P

No matter where we goes, we always manage to snap some good group photos(Altho CY claims that she is fat in this photo).. hehe.. See below.. The most Famous F4.... Ppl from the east called us Flower four.. Ppl from the west called us Fucking four... Ppl from the south and north called us Friends four.. but we called ourself... FUTURE-ceo 4 hahaha

And this will be our tukang sapu.. opps.. no no .. our photographer.. ar~!. no no.. haha.. our manager.. haha .. fiu~`` almost die..

See.. this is what happen when you kacao a girl(:P).. Eh Friend.. you always show funny faces, i cant introduce you lar.. aiyo yo..

We got freaked out together also.. haha..

The ABAP Gang even flied up to the skies and look at the world that we are going to rule soon.. wuahahahaha...

Ok... Below are our Annual Dinner.. hehe.. Now i can introduce this guy liao.. The guy in aladdin's outfit and with stupid misai is BP or LEO.. This guy first labeled by his boss as "RICH KID"... I dunno what happen until he dropped the title and been called "so zai" by his boss d.. wuahhahahaha.. Ok.. This guy is also one of the most active member.. He was there almost every outing we had.. You can date him everywhere but not in the jungle..else you will hear him nagging here and there.. wauahhahaha .. He can share with you a lot a lot of Food places, romantic places, and can even give you advice on girls.. haha.. He is a Mercideez(dunno how to spell) fans... So that's why you can hear he and How Wei arguing which one is a better car.. hahahaha. When we talked about age, altho he is from year 85, he die die also wanna claimed that he is born in a MICE year.. hahahhaa.. His alasan is, he born before Chinese new year.. so still in the mouse year.. haha ..

look at that uncovered perut.. as promisED~!! hehe

The Yam Yam Chin Chin guy below are Chor Teck... Cilaka.. pegang sini sana.. haih.. I also want.. hahaha.. This guy is our senior from the company.. Have a title "SIFU" cos he looks like the most senior one in our group.. Never really join our outing but his heart is always there.. I know.. Dont ask me why, I Just know.. Hopefully he will treat me free lunch after this.. hahaha... He looks gentlement and si si man man, but when he dance, wow~!!! Cow and Buffalow also will pengsan.. hahahahha

My first time stepped into a pub/club...

............ At that nite, almost everyone become crazy.. so scary.. haha

OK~!!! Now is the most colourful charater in our gang.. This guy who have an initial "HORNY" is called Way Kiat... He have lots and lots and lots of Horny stuff and theories to tell. His hand can vibrate so fast.. His tongue can rotate so damn fast also.. wow.. He is the super GURU of sex.. lol.. I dunno how long have he live, but his knowledge on those horny horny stuff is more than any pornstar in the world. hahaha.. This guy owe me a lunch as I saved him from the embarasing scene of his life.. He almost SAI in his pant and all because of my driving skill, we arrived at petrol station on time.. hahahaha.. If you somehow happen to meet this guy anywhere, please ask him to tell you all his famous FOUNTAIN Theory.. haha..

Oh ya.. The big size guy above, is one of the boss in my company.. He is the craziest boss i ever met.. wauahhaha.. Can say, its same kind as us.. hehe

Aiks... Why this photo is here one? haha.. lazy to rearrange d.. ok .. the above photo - two buddy with Lim's Family.. wauahhaa.. we follow her family trip to JAY's concerts.. :P

It required a crazy company in order to do some crazy stuff.. and amazingly, this GANG, are damn expert in finding crazy stuff to do.. haha.. We joined the KL Freeze.. And I did something which I guess, no one in the world have ever did that.. hhmm.. dunno should feel proud or Paiseh.. haha.. Better dont talk about it.. :P

Finally... The Latest Outing - Sky Trex... But before that, let me introduce another member of us.. I dont have his photo so far except one.. The group photo of our ABAP Training.. Scroll up to the third picture, he is the guy who stand in between Jason and Way Kiat.. hehe.. ok.. I guess this guy felt damn sad now.. cos he is LIVERPOOL fans.. (Liverpool out from champion leagues and EPL)... Wuahahhaha.. He is also a DOTA kaki who always play nearby Taman cougnaught.. almost the same place where i played last time.. hehe.. The only outing this guy joined us were Football match... haha.. His name is Tik Loon.. We call him Tai Lou.. Tik Loon = TL = Tai Lou.

If you wonder who is the guy below, he is recently a new member.. hahahaa.. he is Jen Sen.. Pardon me if i write the name wrongly.. kekeke.. This guy is a outing freak also.. dunno he really like outing or he like someone in our group.. grin** HEHEEHE

Ladies and Gentlements.. Boys and Girls, children of all ages... I present to you all, How Wei future wife.. haha.. They playing indian movie style that day.. The girl ran away with flying fox, then the guy come chasing.. The girl even threw her shoes down from tree so that her prince can regconize her.. but too bad, a dark guy picked up her shoes.. wauahaakakakka

Ay Wen is the most geng one that day... She have her sunglass on the whole journey.. haha

They play couple that day.. haih.. as for me... see the next pic

I partner with this guy.. sien.. why I always cant get girls accompany me one.. hahaa..

So.. Thats all about our story...

Our aniversery is soon... Thats the purpose of this post.. As a big big memories the next time i read it back.. hehhee.. ABAP GANG ROCKS!~~!!!!!!!

SEE or not, see or not?? They still bully me in the end... haih.. Put a smelly tower on my head.. now berjerawat liao.. shit.. :P