Tuesday, January 24, 2006

KuChing TRIP 2005

We arrived Kuching on 28th of Dec 2005. I was wandering what should we do for those two days before we head to Lundu. But luckily Bro Clement was and still a good planner.. After all of us finished our long bath, he brougth us to have our first act of our trip- Archery..
This is the first time i try to be archer but i realized tat im quite good in learning..not only me..my best buddy also learn fast..except for one person..HAHA..Me and Eddy both succeed to shoot on the center of the target once..When we were running out of arrows, we decided to make full use of those left over arrows..We had our first competition of the trip..HAHA.. which won by Mr. BonaEddy(shit..how can i lost arr? haha ).. After archery..The second competition of the trip- POOL.. We had two team..i teamed up with Simon and Eddy team up with Justin..Simon did perfectly in the early game..but quite sucks at the end(HAHA..no offends ok? )haha .. luckily i have my luck with me and we won the game...HAHA..the bet were Coke..Then we went back and the first day meet an end..

The second day arrived..We had our praise and worship practice early in the morning and it became a morning alarm for Clement Bong(sleep like pig..hit him also wont wake up)after that..its bath time..oh terrible..girls bath for so long..my stocmach kempis until lekat to my backbone liao..haha..after bath..we all went to Auntie's corner to have breakfast with uncle John..our good fren..Nth much special here and times goes on..the best part is during night time..We head to Crystal Bowl..but we went for BOWLING..hehe..once arrived there..sadly they are having their family day competition there..oh man..need to wait for one hour.haha..so we decided to have our second Pool competition..this time i team up with MY bud..Eddy and Simon team u with his lovely girlfren,Caroline Law..haha..guess what..We won the game..and simon need to pay for the game..So i cut the story..the time cames and we have our lane to play our bowl...The fourth competition of the trip- Bowling..two lane all together..first lane got me,eddy,Simon,Carolinne and Justin dong..The second lane is Bong,Anna,Abert and Mariana. In this game..there were so many funny things happen..Justin drop his ball twice..the sound so loud but covered by simon laughing's sound..then simon throw his ball backward to the audience..SHIT..how can u throw ur ball like that..HAHA...at the end of the game..The first lane won my ME..JIMMY TANG..then second lane won by AH BONG..YES..im the winner for first lane..but like what ppl says..be careful when u are at the top of the world finaly i fell down together with bowling ball..WAH..so paiseh...i tot i can took a winning photo together with the ball but who knows..i kick something and fell to another lane..so so so PAISEH..haha..Then we went back to Bong's house..and he massage my injured leg..hehe..so the second day also had come to an end...

Thursday, January 19, 2006


HERE another video for u..haha

We are photo Crazy

Here i present to u Something stupid actually..haha..anyway..enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Good Bye My Friend...

When i first enter upm..the day i enter st.anne chapel..most of the ppl talk to me with hope to recruit me and make me active in this chapel..only one person..who comes and talk nonsence to me...haha..he always bring a nice smile on his face..and when he share his experiences with GOD..its a special and different sharing..he has a funny experiences..may be tats y he is happy go lucky person...we didnt spend much time together..but he give me a feeling tat im quite close to this person..we then go for genting trip together..losing our money in gamble together...we play space shot together..scream together..DUNSTAN..those time wont have a second chance for us to experience it together any more..now tat u have back to OUR GOD..and me..still need to continue the challenges of this life..may u bless me in heaven..our memory..will always in my heart...till the bottom of it...GOOD BYE My FRIEND..DUNSTAN..FOREVER.