Thursday, May 31, 2007

A quick Little bit..

NA.. So, I've started my job training on monday... The first day was still ok.. Everything went on quite smooth.. The second day was a terrible day.. haha.. Wake up 6.30am in the morning and once again i brush my tooth with my facial foam... fuck~!!!... This time is Man's biore... haha.. last time was an IVY product.. tasted different... haha.. and on the same morning, RAPID KL Putra line rosak.. shit lar. We waited so long in the central station just to get into the train.. shit man.. Then after that, My kancil kena saman by MPS(MDS as in Sarikei)..shit lar..Another rm80 fly..haih.. ok.. tats second day.. The third day lagi terrible.. KTM cames late and we ended up become sardin.. PACKED TILL IF I MOVED MY HAND, SOMEONE WILL SHOUT " fei li arr~!!!! " HAHA... damn... somemore need to bear with some passenger who are so ridiculos.. damn.. keep on making such Ju Ju sound when someone packed into them.. Walau eh... KTM mah... if dont want too pack, go take TAXI LAR PUAN~!!!.. diu...

ok... There's goes last three days.. Today is a new day... haha.. I decided to wake up half an hour earlier and take 20 minutes earlier train.. guess wat??.. haha.. I reached KLCC at 7.45am... damn... TAKE 20 minutes earlier train got such a big gap in time?? Last 3 days I arrived at around 9am... shit.. Now.. What to do?? Can anyone suggest to me?? Take one earlier train, I ended up sitting at the receptionist area waiting... Take one train later, I arrived half an hour late... Didnt get wat i mean??'s the calculation...

9am - 7.45am = one hour and 15 minutes...

Train 7.25am - Train 7.05 = 20 minutes...

See?? 20 minutes different in the train i take, the gap of time will be one hour and 15 minutes.. shit.. shit.. wat shud i do.. damn lar.. But good also lar.. I got time and internet access to update my blog.. haha.. ok lar.. Tats all for now..


Friday, May 25, 2007

1 Bad news 1 Good news.. HAHA..

Im too lazy to blog nowadays ... Went to Redang last few days... Now suffered a great sun burnt.. till my hand bengkak d.. shit man.. haha.. ok.... nvm about tat .. I will update about redang soon.. Now talk about the bad news first.. Last week i went to Accenture at klcc for an interview, everything went smoothly until when I almost arrived my home, I hit a bike... and my car plate gone... haha.. luckily the motorcyclist are ok.. if not, Im done.. haha..

So my car plate became like this lor... shit man.. in the middle of my pokai-ness, need to korek poket for another rm21 just for this new plate.. damn.. but quite nice lar after pasang it on.. haha..

hehe.. Thats the end of my bad news.. hehe.. So now i will post about my outing... ok.. start with two days before the accident.. Me and Charles went to PD to find Michele and Stephanie but only Michele is there to entertain us.. We start our journey around 6 something if not mistaken... suppose to arrived around 7 something.. but then, we too syok sendiri until we miss all the sign board and in the end, we arrived at Alor Gajah toll.. Walao eh~!!! Melaka tu... Dah jauh lari dah.. shit lar... so we go in, pay rm11 toll and come out again to find for pd.. haha.. we arrived pd at around 9 if not mistaken.. forget about time liao... skip the first nite lar, the second day we go to PD beach to play kite and have some swimming.. haha.. Let the photos tells ..

After the beach outing, we head to a mamak for a banana leaf.. wah... nice man.. u can see charles eat till berpeluh sepenuh badan also want to continue eat.. and lets see charles learning mangkali to use hand to eat.. He say nicer if eat like tat ..hahaha...

haha... After tat we head back to our home to rest well.... So tats all for tat sunday and the coming monday is where the accident occur.. haha... So I skiped till tuesday... the day before Charles fly back to Sibu.. hehe.. We head to KLCC to meet with rose... As planned, we go to Aquaria... here are some picture of it..

Plan 1 : Charles try to challenge the shark..
Plan 2 : I kiss the mouth, rose kiss the ass.. but she so laoya.. haih..

We are lucky, man... Found this guy in the water.. haha..

So.. Finish with The Aquaria, we meet up with Lilian.. Skip skip skip again, here we are in Wansa Maju punya Kedai Tomyam namely "OM".. Its the hottest TomYam i ever tried before.. waliu... Even Charles also will Muka Merah and Lilian having sore throat after one day, u try imagine how hot is it..

So.. after that , we send rose back and head to Sri Petaling for Chou Taufu.. I guess we can skip that , cos the Taufu taste sucks and I have my stomachach there.. shit.. After tat we head to Kl view point to have some chit chat.. haha.. only a while nia before we send Lilian back and head to pj to find ah jen.. no photo also for all this.. only then... we remember we forget to take photo with Lilian before she going to UK.. fuh.. haha.. Luckily/Unluckily She forget to take her pulse.. haha.. Tats why this photo existed..

Fuh... Letih dah.. Enuf lar for this post.. Will updated soon for Redang Trip.. Wuahahaha.. And before i end, This is the best pic of the day... Accidentaly snaped in the Aquaria..

WUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH~!!!! Macam apa?? Cilaka.. No wonder Crocodile Hunter die killed by this Stingray lar... Whahaakakkaka...

Oh ya.. The Good news is, I get the job for Accenture... hehe.. Start this monday.. Wish me luck man.. Bye..


Friday, May 11, 2007

Time to take deep breath again...

Nothing to write, yet I felt like I have so many things to share.. Well, life is easy... You want to live, you need to work for it.. You want anything to happen on you, again you need to put effort on it.. And when you strike for it, you will need to hold on until the end of the fight.. Cos, there ain't no "Continue" button as we had in the game.. Example?? Well.. being in the finalist for Microsoft means nothing if you didnt get hired.. Agree?? Even if its about Accenture, I'm in for the final interview, But if I didnt get hired again , its still means nothing at all.. Life are like that.. Life were like that since millions years ago...

Well, another example.. Lets take friendship as an object now.. Friendship's journey will never end in our life.. We met, we hang out together, becoming best friends but hell ya, that doesn't gerenty they will continue to become your best friend for the rest of your life.. one mistake could lead to the destruction of one's relations... I'm trying to protect this so call friendship since young.. but things just wont goes your way so easily.. so guess what.. I will just let it be.. treasure friends that I have now and let tomorrow worry for itslf.. Even if tomolo you will not be my friends anymore, who care... I'll still always remember that today you are my friends...

Wah.. share too many liao... Tired in life actually... Too many unexplainable things happened in my life.. Well like.. Those who I asked not to contact me until I contacted them , contacted me at time like this... I have presentation tomolo and interview on next monday, but why contacted me at time like this to spoil my mood then?? Not that they know this few days are important for me but it just happened that way.. not only once.. but plenty of times... Everytime when I'm gonna do something good for myslf and my future, surely something will come and disturb me... MCB.. haha.. sorry sorry.. Wondering who will be my strength forever...

Looking up high to the skies... May be the answer is there..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I need to stay more focused..

Life is always full with its ups and downs.. I ever reached the highest place in my life, so do I experience the worst memories that gonna stick with me for the rest of my life.. The road to the higher perfection are indeed a never-ending journey for me.. Since form 4, I never reached the target I set until now.. I always fell down and everything get screwed up.. Form 4 suppose to be a honeymoon year for most of us and yet, I screwed it up when I goes fighting with one of my good friend.. a real fight which later almost gets me beaten up by a group of outsiders.. Well.. this changed me a lot and I ended up taking another road which has less link with them.. I regreted that I started a fight with him and gets our friendship rotten somehow..

Well.. eventually this gets me involved in church more often... So when I was in form 6.. being a senior to most youths, I organised seminars, study group, involved in prayer group, praise and worship, and camps... All this suppose to be my greatest experiences ever and yet now I have none of them.. While everyone is crafting their own memories in their form 6, I leaved church and went to Methodist and SIB church... I failed to lead the youths well, failed to give Him my best, failed to really works in the main group altho I really wished to.. So.. in the end, I failed in protecting my own faith.. But thanks to my friends in SIB and Methodist, I'm back in catholic looking for the answer.. Those were the times when I failed in my relationship too.. .. .. Frankly speaking.. Those camps back then... I didnt really enjoyed it tho.. There were my dark histories..

Things gets quite well until last September if I'm not mistaken.. I start losing my faith, my cool, my dignity, losing almost everything.. I leaved church once again and abandoned mass for almost two months.. Hatred started to grow in me even when its over Him.. no more prayer or praise to Him.. The only things I did is curse.. I cursed, I scolded, I blamed Him and told myslf to never serve Him anymore... Things started to get disordered and I continued my life without Him for the first time in my life.. But with the helps from those from MSN, and all the youths back in Sarikei, I'm back once again altho with more questions in me..

And now.. My heart is frawning once again.. I guess I just not firm enough to protect whats in my heart.. But this time, I dont want to fall once again... I need to get myself more focused on what I'm protecting in my heart... Fuh~.. At last I shared what I'm afraid of ... I was thinking not to share this out but then I need supports..

See?? I was the blackspot there.. huh..

-- Refering to the last post.. Ah jen.. Now to think about it.. I'm pretty sure I'm not using you guys... Among all friends that I have, this was the group closest to me recently.. Jen.. Guess our quarels back there in those years are now becoming the source of our bond?? haha.. Not forgeting Charles.. I'm not choosing, but he was the guy in msn who approached me the most during my last fall.. and Alice.. You were the director for the camp which makes me making decision to have a break for my relationship.. haha.. this make me remember u forever... nah.. jk jk .. I guess I was pretty influenced by my buddy.. He is a great guy anyway... I miss him.. and to Angel.. friend forever.. Kancil Gang...

I have the Happiest family in the world.. My father is laughing, but cameraman too fast, belum sempat buka his mouth yet..