Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OMG!! I forget my BLOG 1st ANNIVERSARY

So...The blog is one year old now..haha...err.. actually its one year and 7 days...i miss it..haih...This blog original name is call JiNG's BLOG..and now it change to AccEss GranTED due to some reason...Currently..i have no time to write or to think of wat to post..so i just make few conclusion lar...THE MOST visited post is "THE BIBLE vs THE DA VINCI CODE"..it is since i publish my post at petaling street..haha.. err... nth more i think.. haha..

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Great Blog About Jesus!!

To all the believers of Jesus..to all Christians..Last week..I forget how i get this link..but i registered to the Jesus starter Page... And few days ago, i get a mail from the founder of this Jesus starter Page..He created a blog..A great blog about Jesus.. He use the issues around the world to link to Christianity...This great guy/gal call JILL, thanks to u man... keep it up... this is the link.. www.gotJesusTalk.com It quite long so plz do have ur patient heart prepared before u log in..haha...and register to the site also so that when it got new post..it will contact u.. keep on PRAISING GOD to all brethen...