Yo... Today my colleague and I joined the great Terry Fox Charity run.. haha.. We didnt really run tho, but we did enjoy our walk.. haha.. Cos got a lot of PANAS running here and there.. wow.. haha.. These is our TEAM... Four batangs and two PANAS.. haha..

I actually requested for XL shirt but they told me out of stock d.. Now I know why XL out of stock... Hey BUDAK~!!! You so damn small why take XL shirt???? haih.. Ukurlah badan sendiri.. haha..

and we do stop by to see the Angsa or Itik eating roti... Actually we plan to visit the Taman Rusa/Kancil also.. ;P but we didnt.. hehe ..

Then suddenly we spotted someone... huhuhu~~

Guess who is this???

HAHAHA.. It's him~!!! It's Definitely him~!!!! HAHA.. We treated him like superstar.. haha

After taking pic with superstar, we head our way back to our own cars.. We have some dim sum in Sri Petaling before we headed back home for sweet sweet nap.. haha...

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