Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Solution for Petrol and Electric price Case

Well.. malaysian indeed are suffering due to the increasing price for petrol, the main medium or burning fuel to move our verhicles... Few Malaysian are beaten up by FRU Malaysia during their demonstration together with parties leader.. Well, no use to demonstrate lar kawan, our government won't respon to your pedition one.. What?? if not demonstrate then we are continue to suffer?? Nah~ you are going to suffer even more if u continue ur demonstration.. haha... well.. Im not here to "cakap kosong" like what they do.. here are some solution to our suffering..

Petrol Naik Harga??.. Not enough money to feed your car?? WHAT?? MOTOR-bike need RM7+ to have its tank full? ALAMAK, APA dah jadi.. haha... IF petrol so expensive, then its time we boycott the use of petrol.. Lagi pun.. petrol cause much polution to our lovely mother EARTH... China man are great.. They almost solve our problems... Their production of "ELECTRIC CAR" can save our life..

An electric-powered Aspire car from China's Wuhan University of Technology rolls at the start of the Challenge Bibendum Rally, a clean vehicle event, in Shanghai October 13, 2004. The event promotes progress in the development of environmentally friendly vehicles and is an increasingly popular platform for car manufacturers to demonstrate state-of-the-art technologies in this field. [Reuters]

Well.. This is not new thing we see...but its not popular yet.. i guess using electricity as fuel is much more nature friendly...and electricity power is unlimitedly produced..produced trough hidro energy, trough solar system ( red alert..hehe ) and also kulit kelapa.. Id saw Pulau Ketam using the electric bike as their main verhicle there...Bravo..There are still Malaysian who are genius...and up to dated... well... had this solve ur problem?? solve le..tats y i said, no need demonstration... bazir masa saja...

WAT??? Haven solve?? what more man... OH... Petrol case solved but Malaysia arogantly Increase the Electricity Price somemore?? Alamak...APA Dah JADI... Electricity guna hidro itu percuma lar..asal nak naikkan harga??? HAHA..NVM... another country will come and save us.... this time...ITS AUSTRALIA..~~!!! Moteur Developpment International MDI had developed a car using "AIR POWER" ... attention... its AIR(english)..ANGIN(malay)...hhmm... here is the pic ...

The CAT Vehicles have increased their driving range to close to 2000 km with zero pollution in cities and considerably reduced pollution outside urban areas. As well, the application of the MDI engine in other areas, outside the automotive sector, opens a multitude of possibilities in nautical fields, co-generation, auxiliary engines, electric generators groups, etc. Compressed air is a new viable form of power that allows the accumulation and transport of energy. MDI is very close to initiating the production of a series of engines and vehicles. The company is financed by the sale of manufacturing licences and patents all over the world.

The power to move this verhicle is COMPACT AIR that move the enzine.. how to fill it?? You can either choose

1. Use electric to compact the air.. ( well, i guess we all wanna avoid that..MALAYSIA's electric kuat mahal- haha )

2. PAM at petrol stesen. SEE TAT>?? using the pam that we pam our tyres to pam our highest speed is 135km/h..if im not wrong lar.. Enuf bah??.. PAndu laju laju nyawa jadi pendek lar,, haha..

SAW THAT?? our problem solved...HAHa...NOW all we need to do is not demonstration..but suggest all this technology to our GOVERNMENT.. haha...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today Is A New DAY....

TOday Is A NEw DAY...WITH NEW SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yahoo mail inbox view...

ok...enuf of closing the annoying comment....wont allowed any annonymos to leave any comment anymore.... shit them...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

They SPAM My Blog~~!!!!!

Well.. I was surfing around the internet before I start to study online and suddenly my yahoo email notification poped up and wow...someone leave a comment in my blog.... oh man... its been a while since the last time i get comment in my blog... and while i figuring on who sent comment to me, then the notification poped up again.. and this continues...more and more notification coming out... sad man... i knew it was a spam already...damn... i try open one, and it state " Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again." wow.. i become motivated again... who is this fren givin me motivation??? then the notification pop up more and more...oh shit...who's playinng with my blog?? Is it her?? nah~~!! quite impossible... then i open my yahoo mail and this surprise me to death...

oh 16 comments all together... and while i wrote cames again and again... oh man...wats this actually?? doesnt seems like spam to me..but apart from her, no more ppl will have time to visit my blog and greet me... nah..but still quite impossible... until i saw this...

DAMN...really a spam... there stated "to webmaster" meaning he doesnt know who am i... and then i found out the small link below it.. and it brings me to other site and its totally a SPAM>> OH MAN>>>>>> NOW THEY GOT NEW WAY TO SPAM ME...cilaka...oh man...not again..there they come again..shit...

TWO HOURS HAS PASSED...and this is the view of my mail box~

This is the first time i being spam until this stage..what should i do?? within mail box will explode due to this many of notification...shyt...should i close the notification?? or should i turn off the annonymous comment??

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Review of DEATH NOTE

Death Note follows the story of a boy who discovers a means to easily kill people and his desire to use this power to rid the world of evil, creating a "better world" of his choosing. This boy, called "Kira" by the rest of the world, meets his match in an equally brilliant and mysterious figure, called "L," who makes it his mission to discover the identity of Kira and punish him for his crimes. The story weaves itself around the manipulations of both of these characters as each tries to finish ahead of the other in a struggle between the preservation of humanity as it is and the creation of a new humanity controlled by Kira.

Death Note (デスノート) is a Japanese manga series written by OHBA Tsugumi and illustrated by OBATA Takeshi. It was serialized by Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump from the first 2004 issue, to May 2006, with 108 chapters at total. Eleven graphic novels have been released so far. The Death Note manga has been licensed by VIZ Media and was published in graphic novel form starting in October 2005. Two Live-Action movies based on the story are currently in production, with the first one scheduled to release on 17th June 2006, and the second one in October 2006. Refer to this link "Death Note for more story line and characthers review

Above details were abdopted somewhere from other other im going to write my opinion. It was during my first year back then in my uni when my friend (ah nguo) introduce this mangga series to me. according to him, the mangakas of this mangga are beyond humans intelligent. Well, so i begin to have it stick with my eyes for that some few days before holiday. And indeed, it was a great mangga. The story is about Light Yagami or some version translated him as Raito Yagami and a Mysterious and famous Detective with the alias "L", i leave his real name to be comment by real fans of Death note. Those two are both genius with IQ surpased normal ppl. And each one is ploting and planning on how to kll the foes. The last things i read about it tat time was, "L" knows Light yagammi is KIRA the killer, but in the end, "L" die and lose to "KIRA". Well..of coz the story didnt end there.. so after one year has passed, i begin to continue with this mangga series, and the story continue with another two kids coming out to be the successor of "L" name. NEAR AND MELLO are their alias. Ill leave that part on the other post.

Well.. for i am a fan of this mangga series, im happy to hear that it will be adopted to live action movie soon. and here are some picture of it.

I guess some of you wont be amused by picture. Here i prepare a movie TRAILER