Thursday, September 20, 2007

8 things you shouldnt ask to a GeNius.

lalalala... Kena stigmatized by Clareng and Monkey Wong.. =.="" . So many ppl wanna me die... lol.. ok ok.. The rules are easy.. Just list out 8 things you don't like ppl to ask/say to you.

1. Am I pretty?? I'm Pretty rite?? rite?? rite??
- diu.. gals.. please dont ask me this question.. I wont layan you.. hahaha..

2. You said Am I right? It's like tat rigth?? You say right or not? (Especially salesman)
- diu lei ar... You keep on asking like tat, how you expect me to say "NO~!! ITS NOT RIGHT."~!!!".. Haih.. Genius is too soft and too good hearted to make them lose their face in front of client.. diu..

3. (When I keep my hair)-Your long hair not nice lar... (So I go cut my hair) - Eh~!! You look more man when you keep your hair.
- =.=""" Diu ni KNN SAI~!! Just say im not leng chai lar.. I understand one lar.. diu..

4. Eh.. I don't understand why Malaysia so dirty lar.. (While talking, he throw the rubbish on the floor)
- ........................ *Speechless* .. This guy more genius than me..

5. Brother brother.. Please donate this tat bla bla bla....
- I geleng geleng kepala, she still standing there.. I angkat tangan geleng sama sama my kepala, she still there... (((MCB!%$&$%*(%*&%))) .. haih.. I no money lar..

6. You still single arr?? How come??
- Err.. ok.. I'm not leng chai enuf.. Intro some gal to me lar.. diu.. Talk so much.. hahaha

7. Miss me???
- =.="" Be my Gf?? If you do, then I am.. hahaha...

8. Congratulation~!!!! You are TAGGED~!!!
- Wuahahahhahaha... ok ok .. I dont hate this one lar.. at least it gave me reason to update my blog.. hahhahaha.. Thanks ya Clare and Monkey.. hahaha...

I wanna Tag ... err..

1. CY
3. AW

Monday, September 17, 2007

UPM in news again?? Laoya Punya University..

Watak Utama this time.. hehe

Pegawai Upm Rampas student's laptop because of some reasons and when the student asked for the authorities's letter to have his laptop taken, the officer refuse to give one.. Or may be he dont even have one to begin with.. wuhahaha.. Let the video says it all.. see the video here.. .. Frankly speaking.. Chinese student should learn how to speak BM more lar.. hahaha.. In the video, none of them can really convey their point well in BM except for the two student who arrived at the end of the video.. Our MCA is having the same problems i guess, many of them got lots of good ideas, but they just cannot convey the point well in BM.. Thats why they cant really debate in Parliment... Hehe..

The last time I posted about Keganasan UPM, I was afraid that the UPM authorities may kick me out of the school cos I'm still a student there.. But now, WUahahhahahaha... Who cares man.. I'm out of UPM now.. waukakakakakkakaka.. UPM~!!!! I'm gonna post more and more news about you if you dare to do stupid things again.. Waaahahahaha.. Ok.. Need to sleep d. Good nite..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

When Jesus said, "Love your Enemies".

When Jesus said "Love your enemy.." What did He meant actually? Logically, it's something which is impossible to be done by any human here on earth.. How can I actually love an enemy for whom later I will need to shoot him down in the battlefield?? Who on earth can follow this kind of command, hands up.. Hands up`!! haha.. Anyone?? Well.. Genius has his own way.. hehe..

It's quite an easy concept actually, but to make it done, it needs Humility, Wisdom, and Love. When Jesus said, "Love your enemy..", He means it. So no matter what, we who are christians, will need to obey the Laws and the Teachings (for non-christians, this thing is applicable on you as well). This is my two cents.. If you cant love your enemies, then dont make one.. No enemy, means I wont break the Law by not loving my enemy.. Does this make sense to you? haha.. But hell ya, who on earth doesn't have any enemy? Everyone do have their own enemies, correct? Then, I will said.. Lift up your arms, free yourself from hatred, welcome them to your side and make them your friends..

Well... if you are clever enough, you will realised that "The best way to eliminate your enemies, is by making them your friends." Agreed? no?? Then you have no wisdom.. hahaha.. jk jk jk.. How can we make our enemies (the one we hated) our friends? As I said, it required first, Humility to lower down yourself and forgive them in whatever sins they had done on you.. Then you will need the Wisdom to understand and know them deeper for I believe that no man is born Evil.. Everyone do have their bright side..Agreed?.. Only after you understand them, you will be able to Love them.. See?? That's how we should love our Enemies..

JiNG's present for you all today, "When you can't love your enemies, don't make any.. And if you have, make them your friends.." Let's live our world happily and together we make it a better place.. Ja~ Neh..

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stone Cold Steve Austin in Real MOVIE~!!!

OMG~!! Stone Cold Steve Austin in the real MOVIE~~!!!!.. I was and still a big fan of him when he is a champion of WWF (now WWE).. It's either I'm outdated or the movie is still new, I dont give it a damn... Gonna watch it now.. HAHA.. So This post will end with the sipnosis of the movie "THE CONDEMNED"

"The Condemned" tells the story of Joe Conrad (Stone Cold Steve Austin), who is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is "purchased" by a wealthy television producer and taken to a desolate island where he must fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world, with freedom going to the sole survivor. Written by Outlaw97
An adrenalin-charged action thriller, "The Condemned" tells the story of Jack Conrad (Stone Cold Steve Austin), who is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is "purchased" by a wealthy television producer and taken to a desolate island where he must fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world, with freedom going to the sole survivor.
P/s: well.. how to watch?? I use ppstream.. Haha..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Running Away from Your home??

How its felt to run away from home?? Felt great, huh?? So now you know its fun to be rebelious against your parent huh? Run away from home to show to your parent that you can actually CHOOSE your own path and you no longer need their guidance?? Noted to them that they must flee you from the cage that has took away your freedom all this while?? That you want to cut off the string that bind you all this while?? Do you realised what had you done?? Do you ever think of all the circumstances that might happen?? Do you ever care for their feeling?? Why so many children out there chose to run away from home? Who to blame actually? If you ask them, they will for sure telling you that their parent are not open enuf, that their parent controled their freedom and locked them away from the world that they wished to live in. Then that's why they chose to be rebelious and ran away from home to show to their parent that they can actually live life on their own.. Humans are actually very weird living things.. They can trust and believe in those whom they just knew and go against those who had taken care of them for the past 20+ years.. May be because they judged ppl by the sum of the mistakes made by those they knew? So for these new guy, his chance of showing his weakness and mistakes are lesser compare to the parent who had more than 20 years to show their weakness? Its not fair rite? But so sorry, thats what you are.

If you continue to think your way, and pass the thinking to your children next time, I wonder what the future will be... May be future parents only need to take care of their children for 20 years and after that can release them off to the city to live on their own? or may be they will adopt a Zoo's management style, who feed their animals and free them after they are big enuf.. Then jobs done.. yeah... Whether you are dead or alive, it doesnt concern me anymore, since I did my job already.. Who the hell in the world had never quarel with their parents? Who can actually admit that their parents actually AGREED on whatever things they wanted to do? Who dare to tell me that their parent doesnt love them at all?? You said your parent controled you without considering your feeling? Then did you ever considered their feeling when you ran away from home? In the end, you were doing the same sins which you hate your parent to do to you. So you think that you are big enough to choose your own road?? No need to care for your parent anymore?? Hello.. who paid for your milks? Who paid for your schools fees?? Who paid for the cloths that you took with you when you ran away from home?? Do you think you can have the body and brain which allowed you to run away from home if not because of your parent??

How can you claimed to be wise enuf to live on your own when you can't even see through the love that your parent had shown you all this while? Why can't you calm down a little bit, talk to your parent in a correct way in the right time with the right attitude? Who are the one that didnt really think for others? Who are the one that are not considerate enuf? The one who poured too much love on their love one? or the one who ignored the love which had been poured on them? No matter how bad your parent looks to be, they all love you.. If not, why do they wasted their money on you? Do you know that if they threw you into rubbish bin last time and saved the money that used on you all this while, they could have bought a banglo and live happily ever after? Why did they chose a road that tooks away their money and time? There's only one word that can explain all this.. Its LOVE..

A song for you: Click to listen.

A song for you.. Remember, LOVE should be the value between you and your parent. Think before you act.. Act only after you are calm enough.. All the best to all youngsters... God bless.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

JiNG says "Come, we change the world"

It's time to get up.. It's time to wake up... It's time to move on.. I need to make up my mind, clean and clear on which way I should go, what kind of road I should take, and who shall I bring with me.. What kind of dreams I have? What kind of dreams I want to archieve? and what kind of life I wanted to see in my future? Too often in our life that we will encounter all kind of question mark about our life.. What shall we do then?? Well, if you lucky enough, you might have a bunch of good friends, who might slap you or hit you to wake you up.

But how many friends can we actually trust? Who are they? How long will it stay that way? Well, no one knows.. May be in the end, you will be left alone in the battle field? Or may be all this while, you are alone in the battle field of life, just that you didnt realise it. How many of us wanted to die without a single friend? No one right? Ever in your life that you wake up from your dream, realising that you makes no difference to this BIG big world? Ever thought that, the world will stay the same even without you in it? That everyone will live their life, stay as happy as they are without your existence??

Let me tell you something.. Every little moment we spent on earth, it CHANGED the world.. An apple fell down, noticed by Isaac Newton who later found a theory of gravity, changed the world. Even an apple can change the world, why cant we? So start ammend yourself for a better life.. not only for yourself, but for everyone around you.. Lets say today you make one person happy, he will eventually makes another one happy and the chain goes on, then the happy mood will be spreading around which someday might come back to you to make you happy. It's a good investment right?? haha.. Aiyak.. Takkan we so stingy, takkan even happy mood also dont wanna share with others rite?? haha.. Come.. Lets join my mission to makes everyone in our network to be happy... God bless..

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tonite Serdang Banjir le...

Sorry for the poor visual photo.. haha.. I only have my poor hp with vga camera built on it..

Jam near Rashmir.. Cos the road are flooded..
Taman Balakong also got flooded a bit..

Haih.. Tired.. Wanna sleep first... Bye bye.. haha

Sunday, September 02, 2007

DIRTY Hand On my Golden Head

There are something that a bald head ppl most afraid of...
These good friends of mine.. haih.. Keep on touching my Nice Shinning and Golden Bald head with their dunno dirty or not hands.. haih... No wonder my head got pimples lar, you ppl keep on Rubbing my head... Nah.. Dont care ar.. Those who touched my head and hair, Please pay RM1 per once.. hahahaha... If not I ask Cedric to Saman you.. wuahahahhaha..

p/s: These one counted as participation in Photo hunter or not ar?? haha.. Hope I'm not too late for this theme...

ATTENTION: Please help to locate this gal..

Please visit Jean to have the most update news on her.. Please contact the number in her blog if you happen to met this leng lui somewhere in your area... She expected still in KL and heading to Ipoh.. Thanks ya..

New trend for Malaysia Music

Click here to listen

Well.. Unlike those oldies, nowaday more and more street singers and local acoustic music clubs are getting into the music world by their own efforts.. Actually, even before NameWee crafted his name as a famous street singer and composer, there are lots more amateur singers and composers out there filled with lots of talent..

Well.. Of cos.. They don't sing like NameWee(singing out the truth), but they too have their own talent in writting songs.. Frankly speaking, I guess if these ppl are in Taiwan, they will surely got their name known to the whole world.. Enjoy the music.. give comment too ya.. The song composer for this song is my friend.. Ah fou from USM's The Wanderers. The singer is not my fren.. haha.. but he is a friend of ah fou.. The song name is "Come back".

Opps.. Haha.. Sorry gal.. I'm too tempted to put my face in the post.. haha..

p/s: Please ignore the gal behind.. Please i beg you.. If not.. I can't live until tomolo i guess. hahaha..