Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What have I been doing all this while??

Yo everybody... Sorry for missing for quite a long time, too long until all my nuffnang advert gone d. sob sob.. haha.. nvm lar.. let it go.. Now I'm gonna tell you what have I been doing all this while during my MIA... Hmm...

First of all, I went to a concert by MCA Youth in Sept if I'm not mistaken. haha..

MCA Youth really just putting their name on the banner. Being such a politician and yet, the whole management and organisation for the concert is totaly SUCKS.. The concert suppose to start at 7pm but in the end, it only start after 9pm..

Interesting thing is that I found the whole big bunch of ZHANG DONG LIANG's fanssss dominating the crowd.. haha.. never though he will have such a supporters.. I can even see Ah mu and Ah Pek in the team.. one word, GENG.. hehe

Because of the Laosy organisation from MCA Youth, the crowd did not get as hot as I expected it to be.. haha.. So we buy ourserve a batang-cahaya to make ourserve high a bit...

Ok... That's it about the concert.. The next activity we had was MoonCake Festival BBQ and Trip.. We went to PD to celebrate the mooncake festival..

In the Avanza... Another guy missing dunno to where.. hahaha

Our Potato is almost ready...

Otak-otaksss from MUAR.... My friend from Muar bought from MUAR and brought it over. Damn nice man... haha..

And who says only kids can play tang-lung?? haha.. I enjoyed with my power rangers tang-lung thou.. haha

Believe it or not, we finished 100 otak-otaks that nite... haha...

That's all for now.. Actually there were more activities we have been to, but just that some of it we didnt manage to snap any photo... And this coming Sunday, I'll be joining the Terry Fox Run.. Forget its for what event d, but I remembered its for charity purpose lar.. haha.. I will be running either 3km or 5km.. not sure about the details yet. Hopely I can make it.. hahaha.. So until then, see ya~!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm Drunk..

I'm drunk.. not physically but mentally and spiritually. Concentration are needed in life in order to get to our goal smoothly. Once you lost your concentration on what you want, you will be like a drunk men, who will stray away and lost control on themselve. I guess I need some rest and silence time to get myself wake up and back to the track. Money for life or life for money?? haha.. I will need to get myself organised d.. Sorry for didnt update my blog lately... To all my friends, Good luck in whatever you are doing.. nah.. pray for me too.. hahha.. God Bless..