Sunday, March 20, 2011

So...... This means that I have been away from my blog for one whole year? Maybe longer than that. :D

Anyway.... I have registered my own domain name for the first time in my life and it is called, . That domain alone cost me MYR 98. Hmm.. Don't ask me why because I really do not know why I registered one. Perhaps, I'm desperate to have my own profile page under my own name? haha.. Anyway, since I do not know what to do with it yet, for time being I routed it back to my long abandoned blog. It was previously known as "Access Granted" and then "JiNG" with the address - Well... I can't really remember what its called before I changed it to Access Granted. Anyone can remember? Doubt so.. haha..

And also! I do not know what to post here as well... But I guess, since I have announced that this year will be the year for perfection, I'm gonna blog it all out, all the stages towards my dreams!.. Whether got reader or not, that's one thing, at least, 10 years in the future when I read it back, I know that I am Jimmy Tang, who are trying to make it big in the big city...

Chiaooo for now... Nites! :)


lol! Give some motivation lar! hahaha


Let's see if this will go beyond the first post. Muahahahaha!!!! Eeeeee....your profile pic looks like your....


Sir Aurthur - hahhaa.... As motivation to me, if i blog more than 1 post, belanja me sibu kompia can ar? kekeke

Pretty Chin Lay - haha! That one, the last one.. I need to blog stage by stage.. :P


hahaha... hallow Angel! Not only i didnt write blog for so long, i also didnt read blog for so long le.. keke