For the past 11 years.. I have tried my best to build up my own personality which can differentiate me from the others.. But I guess somehow, our personality isnt something that we can build up.. It's something built-in ourself before we knew about it.. Do anyone know what is the exact things that effected the growth of our personality? Why is it you and me are different in thinking and doing things? Is it because I watch Doraemon when im young while you watched Tom and Jerry? Or may be i watched Dragon ball while you watched Batman? Ultraman and Power Rangers? Haha... Whatever things is tat, doesnt matter anymore.. I have my own personality now.. Which I believe, haven changed at all since the first day I step into Form 1.. Believe it or not, let me prove to u.. hehe..

I never forget to play even when everyone is busy doing works..(Which sometimes might ter-kacao others..) hehe

I never forget to look at camera when everyone dont.. hahhaha

I never forget to be different in the photo.. hahaa..

And I'm still always kena bullied wherever I go.. Like always... haih... Like Abap gang do.. haih.. Always spoil my good photo.. haih.. haih.. hahha

And I ... err.. for this.. err.. I leave it to you to make the judgement.. :P Am I still the same?

The answer why I'm different from you is not because I watched too much Shin Chan or Doraemon.. haha.. The only reason is because of the ppl I mixed with during my fight in the youth time..

People said "Mixed with a king, you become a king, Mixed with a monkey, you become a monkey".. Err.. Sorry for making you all a camwhore.. wauahahhaa

The seniors who guided me, the friends who fell and grew with me, and the girl i chased :P.. You all played a part in my life.. ... a part only.. dont too proud. hehe..

When everyone started to doubt me.. you are the one who still put the trust on me despite what everyone told you.. Well.. Thanks a lot my lovely priest..

The first competition I joined.. The first band I have.. The first runner-up i get.. You guys are all The Best...

The only things changed is that, I didnt go for Morning mass everyday d.. Not even every week.. cham.. hehe.. Pray for me.. :P

So that's me with my personality.. and my past of cos.. How's yours?? Have you found your personality? Are you proud of it? or you still trying your best to define your personality?? Whats say you??
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