Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shame on me..guzz...Rose..guess what..im being visiting all my fren frienster page..and suddenlly i tot of something..sumthing that i should be shame of..my fren from sarikei who coming out here to study..all are upgraded... even the thin thin one..now become so stylist..the fat fat one now become so gentlement.. leaving me alone with the same old style.. except for my hair duh... How?? HOw? HOW? altho i didnt care much bout this..but >>>

Another anouncement to all my frens..starting from 23rd oct until 5 nov.. i will travel from south to north to visit all my frens..so to those who wanna " INVITE " me or book , contact me ASAP..if not u will miss the chance to meet me..HAHA. ok..tats all for now


I wish people would leave comments on my blog, so I figure I will encourage it by leaving them messages on theirs.

Anyway, check out my website if you have a few minutes. Its an interesting new product about Outdoor Sports Lighting.

You can find it at Outdoor Sports Lighting. There is a nice powerpoint presentation too...

PS: Keep blogging


being here doesnt mean you MUST change,
when everybody is doing the SAME thing doesnt mean you MUST be ashamed of yourself..

let time change you for THE BETTER =) ...slowly but surely...ganbate