Tuesday, January 17, 2006

When i first enter upm..the day i enter st.anne chapel..most of the ppl talk to me with hope to recruit me and make me active in this chapel..only one person..who comes and talk nonsence to me...haha..he always bring a nice smile on his face..and when he share his experiences with GOD..its a special and different sharing..he has a funny experiences..may be tats y he is happy go lucky person...we didnt spend much time together..but he give me a feeling tat im quite close to this person..we then go for genting trip together..losing our money in gamble together...we play space shot together..scream together..DUNSTAN..those time wont have a second chance for us to experience it together any more..now tat u have back to OUR GOD..and me..still need to continue the challenges of this life..may u bless me in heaven..our memory..will always in my heart...till the bottom of it...GOOD BYE My FRIEND..DUNSTAN..FOREVER.


good friends are hard to find. this life, now, is short. time on earth unknown. memories stay for those who love, won a place in their hearts..live life fullest.