Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm drunk.. not physically but mentally and spiritually. Concentration are needed in life in order to get to our goal smoothly. Once you lost your concentration on what you want, you will be like a drunk men, who will stray away and lost control on themselve. I guess I need some rest and silence time to get myself wake up and back to the track. Money for life or life for money?? haha.. I will need to get myself organised d.. Sorry for didnt update my blog lately... To all my friends, Good luck in whatever you are doing.. nah.. pray for me too.. hahha.. God Bless..


haha i know what u mean..
funny way of putting it as being drunk.
Lets fight on mien..
while being drunk.. many unplanned thing can happen.. lol
take care ya..


hai!! ask me everyday c ur blog!! but no update 1!!ZZZZZZ!!


Drumsticks - hahaha... really lar.. losing all concentration liao.. die die.. haha ..

Cibol - unplanned? oOMG.. haha..

Heaven - abang, manyak busy lar.. hahahhaa.. tak sempat update.. will update soon .. hehe


Take some time out to refocus on your priorities. It helps out lot....or can try find your buddies to pull you back if you get out of line......

Gd luck


u're not drunk physically or mentally or even spiritually. it's just, mentally, u're GILA. muahaha.

gramps, do u miss me??

im back at sarawak but not sibu... working my butt off!


Jing, why so long time no update one?


hehehe Jing, cool man :)
take one thing at a time. have a good rest, spend time with family

hehe..those are my recipe lah!

cheers buddy ( aargh tat beer makes me thirsty..)



Jing.. why no more post? drunk until cant post anymore? hehe..
update ur condition now la..