Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do anyone out there ever asked yourself, who actually are you?? I do.. I have always liked myself and are somehow confident of who I am on this day.. but somehow, not everyone will see the same thing as i do.. Some might labelled me as talk no action.. some might even labelled me as immature.. and the list goes on .. So who do you think I am? I believe I do have a bunch of good friends who are always there by my side..

I carried too much worries .. care too much unecessary things .. and most of it stop me from moving forwards.. I have put down some of the burdens once, and this time, I'm going to put all of it an end notes.. Whatever happens, it happened so I will just let it be a histories.. be it I understand or not, if i dont, then just let it be a mystery..

I will be trying to archieve my goal with this new mode and if anyone of you sensed something wrong with my direction, just stop me.. as of all things changed, I will never change my definition of a friend.. Will I be able to jump higher and further compare to last time? Lets see how it goes.. hehe.. To most of you, i might sound talking non-sense, but to those who knows the way I talk, wish me good luck.. :P


Hi Jing,

Thanks for visiting my site :) As for the program for video editing, I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 to do my editing work and use MS Movie Maker to compress the files.

I hope that helps!

By the way, can I ask how you found my site? Thx! :)



oooh! cool :) i didnt think petalingstreet would help since so many ppl use it. lol looks like it did! hahaha...!
thx for your comments too! be sure to check back time to time for updates. hehe :)

cya around!


hey, it's been a long time since i last checked on u.
how are u doing?!?
ur entries, u sound like u are lost and in search of something...
well, keep posting here. that's the least i could do to keep myself updated bout u :)


ah gong, i thought u MIA oledi since u so long havent update ur blog. how's life so far?

turn ur worries to God for He'll always be there for u.

yes, ur grand daughter here will always wish u d best of luck in this world n do let all of us know if u've found what u're searching for!

btw, ur question, "what am i?"

haha... i thought of a funny answer. "u're a human being."

pls dont kill me.


wahahha eh u really wear that green thing to the dinner ar? nice btw.. and kinda steal the show from the yellow guy.


You got lost without watching "LOST"...well we all have those lost momment...hang in there pal


lol! keep update ur header! no c u update ur blog that much.