Saturday, March 01, 2008

Unexpectedly my company organise this event out of no where.. But thanks to it i can see a lot of real faces~!! wuahahhahaa.. All those Angkat-Boss faces sweap away and leave only their trueself.. hhmm.. hhmm.. and as for me... that's definitely not me.. hahaha.. As usual, ABAP Gang took away my first time again.. ;P.. Guess all those who knew me, always heard me saying " I dont DRINK. I dont DANCE, I dont SMOKE".. haha.. but yesterday was too tempted to drink and dance.. so tats my first time.. (I still dont smoke... dont tempt me to.. this one i wont try.. haha)

First station: We went to wat Bistro d i forget... hahaha.. At this bistro, I registered in as non-drinker and only drink coke all the times.. ;P haha.. But I do take initiative to join a games which required me to drink beer.. nah.. beer only rite? ok lar.. i join lar.. hahaha..

Then we went to second station: D'HAVEN.. I'm still drinking coke only until the bar tender said no more glass available for coke.. diu... then I drink what wor.. ... ... Beer lor.. hahaha It's beer from CY..

Third Station: We went to HUSH which is a bit more like a club.. haha.. I was tempted to drink a bit achohol here.. hehehe.. I guess I did take Vokka, Whisky... hhmm.. what else ar?? beer?? haha..

Nah.. I'm not gonna let you see my red face.. :P

Guess what? All the clubbers were all from my company.. haha..

HAHAHA... so thats my outing last nite which only cost me around RM35.. RM35 for all three station... hahahah.. quite nice rite? get to see a lot of hot chicks also(actually 1).. opps.. ;P


dude, did you score any chix? My God! Ur a virgin drinker .. shud've intoxicated you to the max the other day man.

By the way, I got a tag for you .. must do wan


Cibol, u know what he told me the other night on ur bday party?
he said, "No no no. I dont drink 1, no matter how also i wont drink~"

Hahahhaa he gave in to temptations in the end should have force him to drink too ><


he's lidat one .. sy shy cat ma .. chis ... tak guna punya jing


dont talk nia...DO IT~~

drink somemore. for first time drinker ar?!?!
and the next time i asked u whether u drink. be frank or i will wallop one bottle of vodka down ur throat.


Cibol - lol.. My eyes do scored some chics lar.. but physically didnt scored any.. too bad im too pure and innocent for all that.. haha..

Alice - oi oi.. what i said is just for you nia.. dont burst it out lar.. hahahaha..

Roses - woops.. i guess i will still say the same.. so that can get free vodka.. hahahahha

To everyone - oi oi .. charles is coming over to kl on 29th march to 2nd april... so there will be K-box sessionss, Crab and Crapping session in kepong, shabu shabu at puchong and lots more.. please make urself free on that day.. i will drag u ppl out for sure.. hahaa


then u must pray hard that I'll be working in KL that time bro .. because u know la, karaoke this is my stuffs .. ha ha


Cibol - well well.. pls do.. wauahhaha.. singing k with u is fun man..

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Hey, isn't that the shirt u wore last week at cibol's birthday bash? Wakakakakakaka!!!!!! Hello, Jing! My 1st time here, don't marah! And one lesson u MUST learn is...NEVER EVER mix ur drinks!!! If beer, stick to it all nite long. If whiskey, that's it. Stay away from vodka! Like tuak! Nice to drink...but when it kicks, u don't know what hits u!!! Taks old man's word for it, ya!


im gonna spam ur comment ., ha ha ha .. but jing, what's the purposed of the visit? kena loteri ka?


yup, and do dance if ur feeling dizzy .. it helps to cool u off when u sweat. so that u can go for another round steady .. ha ha ha

nice tips from us oh .. ha ha


Jing!!! The best things in life are shared over a glass of beer... how could you not drink?! haha.. (like promoting for beer co. only)Seems so fun la your company outing.. :) haha can see your reddd face!!! hehehhe


lol jing! then next time when i anjak clubing, pls dont say no! no drink! no wat ever la! hahaha! hey y u delete one of this post entry comment? who tats?? hahahah!


suituapui - lol.. omG.. u noticed that.. HAHAHAha... yeah.. the same shirt.. i have only three shirt for my works.. keke.. Its because im not a drinker, so i just grab watever i can that day.. hahaha.. hhmm.. but thanks for the tips.. then i know d what to do next time.. hehe.. oh ya.. welcome.. haha ..

Cibol - lol.. his visit ar.. he said just for fun wor.. haha.. and i do dance that nite.. kinda crazy tat nite.. haih.. rosak all my pure image.. hahaha..

Drumstick - lah... said nia share share.. how come u never want to drink with me wan?? hahah.. come lar.. we drink together.. i wont "cincai cincai" behave punya.. ;P

Baba - hey brader... ok ok .. next time i sure follow u ppl.. with conditions must bring chics alone.. wauhahaha.. dont ask me go just to become driver.. im not wai gor.. hahaha.. tat comment ar?? tats my comment, i click too many time.. haha


click so many times? You mabuk is it?


Eh, you purposely grayed out that picture of you me and BP so that no one can see your RED LOBSTER face izzit? LOL, too bad... I put it up in my blog. haha!