Friday, April 25, 2008

My Life~!!

Yo.~!!!.. I'm lost for so long.. not because of love lar.. aiyoyo.. IT's because I'm too busy with my workload.. plus my funload.. haha.. In this month only, My life seems so happening.. kekeke..

Annual dinner.. keke.. first time i dressed up..

KL Freeze.. erm.. hopefully no one notice what have i done that day.. aha

Hot air belon, finally, i get to fly.. wuwahahahha.. who else wanna play??

JAY Concert.. hehe..

And tomorrow, need to work overtime lar... sien.. But this sunday is gonna be another big day.. hehe.. we will have Sky Trekking near Shah Alam.. hehe


suituapui said...

That's right! Enjoy your life to the fullest...while you're young and while you can!!! The time will come when u will settle down...and u will look back at all this and smile!!! Many live their whole lives...and yet, they've done absolutely nothing!!! Study! Study! Study! Work! Work! Work! So miserable!

JiNG said...

hAHAHAHA.. SiTuaPui... Tats the absolute things i will do for my life.. i wont live my life without meaning.. haha.. eh.. then talk about u, why not u come here and play with us for a while. hahaha

Ay Wen said...

jimmy...yr quote for "Genius" one so funnnyyy la...aahhhaa! Creative betul...

daniel said...

Happy Birthday Jing!
Saw the notification from friendster. =p

Anonymous said...

ji jia jibay neun (ngui comment sheung sok jia) song nei yu ar. nu neun eh shut meh? dak ngui yeung foochow wa. kiang yi ay you nga nga kong sien noh.

kah lak ceh loh li. oh neun gong hapi birthday. jor la kar shuk lo lia. song ma kar lia.

mai yeung ngui miang oh. ngui mai yi ay you ngui si theuh.

JiNG said...

Ay Wen - hahahha.. nice le.. I wanna print it on my t shirt, but the dealer cant do so.. haih.. sad sad. hahah

Daniel - hehee.. thanks thanks..

Ji Bey Neun - .... wauahhaa.. nu si jing jing li ji bey nuen.. hahaa.. kong si no tu mei you... haha.. anyway.. kam sia kam sia.. haha

suituapui said...

Oh ya...belated Happy Birthday greetings to you!!! May all your dreams come true!!!

suituapui said...

P.S. Got my tuition classes lah...and mid-year hols, my daughter's coming home. Maybe 2nd half of the year! Actually planning to go this weekend May 1st - 4th...but Bongkersz said he busy!!! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

Baba said...

Ur life so nice jing! so jelous!
hahahaha! no such thing happen to me! damn!
but all the activities is = spent lot of money.
dont forget about our plan to do our own business lo. save abit man!
1 more thing, next time got best concert dont forgot about me man! i want go!

Janice Stone said...

wahlau that's super duper bumper long post, pening lar~
so nice working can be so fun with such nice colleages~