Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hallow guys... Damn long never care about my blog d. Just in case there are still someone who will visit my blog, here are the updates of what happen after the Redang Trip posted below. :)

I went to Koh Samui Island in Thailand somewhere on Sept. That's the first time I went out from the Country.. erm.. If I doesn't count in my trip to Singapore for one hour last time. hehe.. Koh Samui is a place where its almost same like Bali (according to my friend) but it haven get too commercialized. So the place still looks fine and fun. Budget around RM1500++ for 4 nights 5 days. What we have been doing there?? Those were, Kayaking on the sea, Mountain climbing with jeeps, visiting some temples, visiting some bars, visiting some massage center as well (clean one.. no extra jobs :P) and have some relaxing nite on the beach. It's a nice place to go actually, I dont mind to go again but of cos i would prefer trying some other places.. hehe..

Jing and the 18 Warriors
Prepare to Kayak on the sea
They called this Blue Lagoon
Grandfather rock..
Grandmother rock - You do know what its mean right? HEHE
And I learned some magic in Thailand.. Dont try to offence me :P

One day right after I'm back from Koh Samui, I took a 18 flights to Aberdeen, Scotland for a business trip. Although my main purpose was to work there, but then who cares right?? HAHA.. I did took some times to visit the town and our clients there are unexpectedly kind to us. They brought us to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Wuhoo~!!.. I managed to visit the real castle~!! Just that I didnt manage to meet a real princess :( .. Nvm Nvm.. I should be thankful as there were so many first time experiences for me.. First time wearing coat, first time wear scarf, first time visited Europe country, first time felt the autumn season. Too bad didnt manage to see some snow as Winter were still one month away.. @.@.. The wheather there was extremely cold and I wasn't expecting that. That's why I went out with just a simple coat, shit.. Cold like hell when the wind blew. Shit Sob.. First time felt like freezing also.. haha
Got Feel or not? hehe
Scotland Monument.. and Jing.. 
The future man.. 
Scotland Beach.. 
Full group during Edinburgh visit
First time in the Church which was turned into a bar
In the church.. err.. Bar.. 
This Guy saved me... He said he want to be cool with my coat so he lend me his windbreaker.. Thank GOD.. I was freezing like the northpole penguin.. eheh
I have no idea whose statue is that.. haha
And finally I found a pondok telephone which was same as the one I always took photo with in Genting.. haha.. Felt like home suddenly.. :P

Ok.. Thats about Europe story. I thought that's the end for my 2008 trip. Mana tau, suddenly I get a chance to go over to Cairo, Egypt for business trip as well. WU HO~!!!!! Damn lucky... But this trip quite different from the previous one. I get much more busier than the last business trip and didnt really manage to go out and visit the town. Plus, The user there didnt offer to bring us around.. haih.. sad sad.. But at least I manage to visit Pyramid, one of the world wanders.. HEHE.. I even climbed into the pyramid for Egyptian Pound 100(around RM60). Nothing inside, a merely 5 minutes climbing in and 5 minutes climbing out. haha.. Didnt manage to visit Museum as its packed as in our KL Sentral KTM station.. haha.. One thing about Egypt is that, If you didnt get conned while you are in Egypt, then you better check your passport whether or not you entered the right country.. hahaha 
Nile River.. Kononnya the biggest river in the world.. But from what I can see, Rejang river much more bigger than that, and Lanang bridge is much more longer than this.. HEHE
The Sphynx... Kononnya Napoleon Cannon Balled his nose, thats why he is without nose now..  
And I found a hole which looks so much similiar to the one I saw in the game called GENERAL - Red Alert.. hahaha.. The terorist hole.. :P
Jing and Pyramids
I'm Legend... XD
Pyramid again.. 
My companions in Egypt
Tired cos keep on kena conned by ppl.. sob sob.. 
Kononnya the first mosque in Africa.. wait.. Egypt in Africa???? SHIT~!! 
The first time I saw a real desert.. hehe

That's all about my trip in 2008.. As for Christmas, I celebrated it in Pavilion's Red Plus by singing the hell out all my feeling.. hehe.. While for New Year, Its a simple BBQ gathering at my apartment.. Oh ya, I visited Api Api at Kuala Selangor again on 1st January 2009.. HAHA.. I think I visited this Api Api on 31st December 2007 for the previous new year celebration.. I think its gonna be a routine for me.. :P Next year who's going with me? HEHE..
So to all my friends, Any plan for 2009?? hehe.. So far I only planned one trip to KK with Rose.. a trip with girl.. Wuhoo... Happy me.. XD As for others, please ajak me arrr if got any nice trip.. hehe.. I guess one year should have two trip may be?? Manusia kena enjoy ma,  kan?? hehe.. so 2008 have become a memory, Let's welcome 2009~!!!!!! A cow Year... 


KK?? when going? when going.. wanna go wanna go..


HAHA.. June.. U ask Rose..`~. dont kacao us honeymoon lar.. haih.. XP


haiz! always go enjoy not invite me! sien lan jor! poor me !



tis CNY come back o not?


ah jing! ur next business trip can bring me go mou? i wana go aso!! >.<


BABA - HAHHAA.. business trip lar.. how to ajak u..

Nguong - got got.. remember to find me.. dont lan c lan c never find me..

Jane - haha.. ermm.. only u alone?? CAN~!!!! haha


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very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.