Monday, April 13, 2009

It is my boss intentions to have this road trip.. May be he tried to create some opportunity through us to know new girls.. but his plan somehow terribly failed.. End up he having the trip with three batangs.. hahaha.. Ok. In this trip, we got the informations from some other blogger who had the same trip before and printed out the GPS coordinate as our main and only guide... 

Ok.. Now.. this is the four batangs i mentioned.. haha.. From the left.. Jason, me, Ee Jin (Boss) and Chris (Driver)
And the one on the left is our dangarous Sarawakian Driver.. The right one is the one who are late and delayed our trip.. Reason? Cos he go buy a bun... I repeat.. "A" bun.. just one bun.. shit.. 

Then we reach our first stop... Bentong.. and the first thing that catch our eyes was, Bentong ppl are damn humble.. for they are so proud that their hotel is ONE STAR.. haha. opps. Bentong ppl, this is just a jokes.. no offences.. haha

We are trying our best to find the so called famous "Bull's Balls Mee".. err.. ok.. to avoid misunderstanding, in chinese it is called "niu rou yuan mian".. Mr. Boss trying to call his Bentong's friend to find out which stall is the famous one.. This is the first proof that our preparations is not enough at all.. haha... 
Ok.. In the end, we found the shop.. Please refer to the business board below if you happen to pass through Bentong.. The mee really SEDAP GAO GAO.. hehe
The Bulls' Balls...  xD
And there is someone who cannot eat Beef, but still wanna follow us find the famous Beef balls.. haha.. so he end up eating only fish ball.. pity.. 

Next Stop.. Raub on the way.. 

This is the famous Kari Ayam and Kari Kepala Ikan in Raub.. Dunno it's famous because its really famous or because the name for the shop is start with FAMOUS.. haha.. Anyway.. we didnt tried this.. We were trying to look for a chinese kopitiam call "Kedai Kopi" but failed to locate it.. shit.. 

So we end up pusing here and there to look around Raub.. Majlis Daerah Raub..
Dont ever look down on Raub.. At least they got ISETAN.. hahahhaa 

Then we head to Kuala Lipis.. Because cannot found anything interesting in Raub.. 
In the middle of the journey to Kuala Lipis.. We found a mines.. So decided to go in and try our luck.. haha
Mana tau in the end we didnt manage to find anything... So Chris damn pissed off.. He Peed the mines.. hahaha
The next stop is Kuala Lipis.. We straight away went to this place called Medan Tangga to look for some Ke Jia Mian.. Mana tau, the famous one closed d.. Business too good.. shit.. 
So we have no choice and tried the other shop inside the medan.. The taste sucks... Haih... I better dont put up the shop board name photo here.. for their business sake.. haha 

Ok.. After that we reached the next stop in our list, Gua Musang.. Nth special about this place. The famous shop that we wanna try, also close d.. shit.. so we end up eating KFC... This is another prove that our preparations is definitely not enough.. hahhaa
So from Gua Musang, we head straight to... err.. forget the place name.. hahaha..  The most north.. I think is Kelantan.. Then our proud driver, keep on driving forward... never ever looked back.. That's his principal may be.. Until he failed to notice that the fuel for the car almost reached "E" d... May be for him, E means Enough.. haha.. Luckily we managed to find a small petrol stations after almost being conned by local ah pek.. shit.. 

As we reached Kelantan, we head straight to this Thai Shop.. I'm sorry but I forget the name of this shop.. But its Thai style cook.. Most of the dishes we tried that nite were nice.. Very satisfied.. hehe

Crystal Lodge is our hotel name.. haha.. 

This is the end of the first day of the trip... haih.. Tired.. 
...... Just as I tot I wanna start to blog again.. but .. now i felt like wanna stop again.. hahaha.. lazy to write d.. So Part 2 might be a bit later lar.. HEHE... chiao~~


grandpa... i just realize ur blog is still alive after all these times...


Just started to update le... So still got ppl visit? haha


of coz got ppl visit la, u nvr perasan only!


hey, where is part 2? so long already still no new post... keep blogging!


Nice road trip you guys are having. Eat and play. So envy.


HAHA.. I'm in the middle of re-structuring my blog... Will want to make it more useful to reader as well.. but.. do i still got friend visit? hahaha :P