Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who still remember what we actually studied 17 years ago? There was this subject called "Alam dan Manusia" in my time and was replaced by Science Subject one or two years after that. Anyone remember this subject? It talked about humans, animals, plants and all the interactions between humans and the world. Anyone? :D

Never mind if you can't remember. But here is my story. I still remember how my teacher taught me regarding this natures things. And at that time, even with m
y 10 years old's brain, I can't agreed what she has taught me at all. She said, everything has cause and effects (this one I agreed), and the same goes for animals. Grasshopper is green in colour because it need to distinguish itself among the grass to free from "pemangsa". Giraffe's neck is long because they need to eat the leafs on high trees. Monkey's leg functions like hands because they need to climb and live on trees.. So, what you think? haha

For me, seriously I do not think that grasshopper can choose to become green because they NEED to distinguish in the grass. Rather, I would think that they choose to distinguish in the grass because they are green. Well, this sound more logic right? While for Giraffe, I can't imagine 100 billions before, Giraffe actually had short neck.. And because they want to eat the fresh leaf on the top of the trees, their neck grows... @.@ My thought was that, Giraffe got the privilege to eat fresh leaf on the top of the trees because they have long neck. And for monkey... hhmmm... I believe I do not say more.. haha...  Although we always said, we are what we think but that doesn't actually changed your physical dramatically.. It changed your mind which boast your confident and resulted in giving you a better YOU. So, do not ever try to be someone else because you can never be like them. But judge yourself and use your pros to live a better lives on Earth... This is my second post of the year... hehe.. I believe SuiTuaPui need to belanja me makan d. :P

P/S: There is this one thing that actually challenged my theory and faith though... Why cows in Europe got bulu while Malaysia's  cow got no bulu? haha.. Some people said because Europe is cold so their Cows grows Bulu... xD


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