Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yo..Like Yesterday..i over slept until now its 7.58am..Sh*t lor.Later 11am got final exam.haven study i decide to write a blog first to cool down myslf...WAnna go buy Breakfast somemore..guess i didnt have much time liao..HAHA..Rose...Im still sick..Still headache..Still trying ma best with Panadol..Dont worry bout your God-ma..and the camp is i said..just count on me..ur only to remind me from time to time..(coz im quite a forgetful ppl)
AnD HeY Bro Ubi..Im not detective conan..but Im Clever''LOL""..and hey..i found a way to see how many post u oledi have..just log in to ur blogger then look at ur blog the right side of ur blog view how many post u have..

Guess My BloG is different with others..coz ma blog is mostly about me..HEHE..


sick?? then rest lor..wad u wan to do then?? panadol wont help much actually..try aspirin, that's powerful~~ hehe..but with side effects too!!
hope i can see her..i may just randomly choose a sunday n go to mass in ckei uninformed....depends!!!

ok..i will remind u...

dont worry bout the "pigs" hehehe..


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