Saturday, November 19, 2005

My shoes being stolen and u know by who?..HAHA..after doing every examination and thinking after thinking..this is what Ive found out..

Here the first suspect..He come to my house for a visit..but i halao him keluar with he sure hate me and so steal my shoes..

This dog, always come to my house to sleep..calling him BLACKY..always kacao kacao at my house..but never greet one..Most suspected

WHY i said its a dog??..( and ,Christine, surely its not stolen by bird..haha )
U know dog got one special attitude?? They signing their teritory using their shit and urea..and so when the place got the smell of urea or shit from other dog..they wont touch it again..

U see..I step on a dog shit when i went to Pulau Ketam..And tats why the right side still there...SAD SAD..i should have step the shit with both of my leg..


haha...since when u became detectif conan ?