Thursday, April 07, 2005

hi is 5.54am thursday...haha..actually today at 12 many of my fren will be going back liau... so i may have to stay alone here in the hostel with my com haha..but nvm lar since my brother said he will come to fetch me tomolo no much more time left for me to be here,,,haha..wou~~!! things many..dunno my brother's cars muat or not..haha..i got table..i got computer..i got guitar somemore and two bagasi...and three beg sekolah and 5 boxes and one antena...haha...but i think it could be enuf space lar for proton wira..haha...i think i will be kinda miss this hostel life...haha..hope it wont hurt much..and there are few ppl that i really miss..hahha..hope to see them all for this morning..i think i will update again tonite since that i dont have much thing to do ..hahahh so see u all..hope u enjoy my blog as well as my main site...GOD BLESS//

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