Sunday, April 03, 2005

Shalom to all visitors...So this is my first message to all of u...Due to the problems that the main site cannot have blog like this, it will be easier for me to update my daily activities or daily news here...So i assume that you ppl reach here throw the link "MY BLOG" in my main page..So if you want to go back..just click button back which can be located on the left top corner on your explorer..hehe...Cut the crabs for now..haha back to the point..So this blog is purposely build to let all visitors know what am i doing now on this day here on this Earth.. I will update this blog as well as the main site so that you ppl can keep up to date what i am doing...anyway..actually this is just to fill up my bored times after my exam..haha..So..thanks to all visitors and MAy GOD BLESS all of US..


TO all visitors..Today is a Sad day..that Pope have left this world...Let us pray together for our Pope..and as well as for the World..May God be with us always..