Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hi all...I stop by Kuching at my DA GE house...This two days quite ok for me..First day spend with my biggest bro..haha..then the second da ge go work so almost mati kelaparan..haha..coz my fren all still sleeping..haha..luckily Albert Lau comes and bring me out..thanks goodness..haa...and just now i saw Nick Chung or last time we all call him Richard Chung..he got open an small concert Tun and ah bong underestimate him..coz tot that no one will come to see..But Yang Peliknya..WAH>>many leng lui come...haha...The whole ceremony quite ok..but i prepare my kasut oledi tat time..if he mention again about he is not come from sarikei...i will baling my GREAT YELLOW selipar up to the stage ..hahaha...anyway..tats al for now..hahah..Tomolo will be at Serdang liao...flight is at 9.30 am one..air asia..hope my bro dont forget to come and fetch me..hahaha

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