Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yo..Yo..Yo.. going to kuching on this friday (24th June 2005)..planing on going to watch The Newest movie on screen...INITIAL D by Jay Chow..haha..dont not Jay Chow Fan..but im The great Fan of THE INITIAL D..haha..hope Jay Chow didnt spoil my favourite Characther...any way..beside going for planing to have a recording session with my seniors at kuching..they are clement bong, eric ling (SUPERSTAR), and ah this Serba Boleh ME!!..hehe..beside from going to spend time with my big DA GE..and my very good fren and relative..Hii Toh Seng anak Ah Teh..haha..Oi..bring me out for pizza..haha..
Then .. i will be flying off for Serdang on Sunday (26th June 2005)..will meet my Ah ko tengah..haha Mr Tang Tung Ai anak Bapa..and my very beautiful Ah Sou..haha..bring me for KFC oo..haha...The greater news is..this time..not only me who are going to Serdang..guess who else..who?...who?..i cannt hear u!!! haha...Cheng Cheng Cheng!!!! Its my Beloved and very proud QRA i use this yahama ss2 to go to sibu to settle the document to imigrate HIM to Serdang..haha..ITs loyal!!man...Berpisah for so together to explore the World again..haha..ok ok ..cut the crabs liao...i stop here..haha..bye bye...

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