Friday, May 25, 2007

Im too lazy to blog nowadays ... Went to Redang last few days... Now suffered a great sun burnt.. till my hand bengkak d.. shit man.. haha.. ok.... nvm about tat .. I will update about redang soon.. Now talk about the bad news first.. Last week i went to Accenture at klcc for an interview, everything went smoothly until when I almost arrived my home, I hit a bike... and my car plate gone... haha.. luckily the motorcyclist are ok.. if not, Im done.. haha..

So my car plate became like this lor... shit man.. in the middle of my pokai-ness, need to korek poket for another rm21 just for this new plate.. damn.. but quite nice lar after pasang it on.. haha..

hehe.. Thats the end of my bad news.. hehe.. So now i will post about my outing... ok.. start with two days before the accident.. Me and Charles went to PD to find Michele and Stephanie but only Michele is there to entertain us.. We start our journey around 6 something if not mistaken... suppose to arrived around 7 something.. but then, we too syok sendiri until we miss all the sign board and in the end, we arrived at Alor Gajah toll.. Walao eh~!!! Melaka tu... Dah jauh lari dah.. shit lar... so we go in, pay rm11 toll and come out again to find for pd.. haha.. we arrived pd at around 9 if not mistaken.. forget about time liao... skip the first nite lar, the second day we go to PD beach to play kite and have some swimming.. haha.. Let the photos tells ..

After the beach outing, we head to a mamak for a banana leaf.. wah... nice man.. u can see charles eat till berpeluh sepenuh badan also want to continue eat.. and lets see charles learning mangkali to use hand to eat.. He say nicer if eat like tat ..hahaha...

haha... After tat we head back to our home to rest well.... So tats all for tat sunday and the coming monday is where the accident occur.. haha... So I skiped till tuesday... the day before Charles fly back to Sibu.. hehe.. We head to KLCC to meet with rose... As planned, we go to Aquaria... here are some picture of it..

Plan 1 : Charles try to challenge the shark..
Plan 2 : I kiss the mouth, rose kiss the ass.. but she so laoya.. haih..

We are lucky, man... Found this guy in the water.. haha..

So.. Finish with The Aquaria, we meet up with Lilian.. Skip skip skip again, here we are in Wansa Maju punya Kedai Tomyam namely "OM".. Its the hottest TomYam i ever tried before.. waliu... Even Charles also will Muka Merah and Lilian having sore throat after one day, u try imagine how hot is it..

So.. after that , we send rose back and head to Sri Petaling for Chou Taufu.. I guess we can skip that , cos the Taufu taste sucks and I have my stomachach there.. shit.. After tat we head to Kl view point to have some chit chat.. haha.. only a while nia before we send Lilian back and head to pj to find ah jen.. no photo also for all this.. only then... we remember we forget to take photo with Lilian before she going to UK.. fuh.. haha.. Luckily/Unluckily She forget to take her pulse.. haha.. Tats why this photo existed..

Fuh... Letih dah.. Enuf lar for this post.. Will updated soon for Redang Trip.. Wuahahaha.. And before i end, This is the best pic of the day... Accidentaly snaped in the Aquaria..

WUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH~!!!! Macam apa?? Cilaka.. No wonder Crocodile Hunter die killed by this Stingray lar... Whahaakakkaka...

Oh ya.. The Good news is, I get the job for Accenture... hehe.. Start this monday.. Wish me luck man.. Bye..



Ur blog is finally updated! Good Good~ wanna see more~~~ Keep it up ya. Hehe


hoi.. why u put that pussy thing ther.e.. hahaha..


chia me.. so u not going to fr paul's camp la... help me promote please