Thursday, May 31, 2007

NA.. So, I've started my job training on monday... The first day was still ok.. Everything went on quite smooth.. The second day was a terrible day.. haha.. Wake up 6.30am in the morning and once again i brush my tooth with my facial foam... fuck~!!!... This time is Man's biore... haha.. last time was an IVY product.. tasted different... haha.. and on the same morning, RAPID KL Putra line rosak.. shit lar. We waited so long in the central station just to get into the train.. shit man.. Then after that, My kancil kena saman by MPS(MDS as in Sarikei)..shit lar..Another rm80 fly..haih.. ok.. tats second day.. The third day lagi terrible.. KTM cames late and we ended up become sardin.. PACKED TILL IF I MOVED MY HAND, SOMEONE WILL SHOUT " fei li arr~!!!! " HAHA... damn... somemore need to bear with some passenger who are so ridiculos.. damn.. keep on making such Ju Ju sound when someone packed into them.. Walau eh... KTM mah... if dont want too pack, go take TAXI LAR PUAN~!!!.. diu...

ok... There's goes last three days.. Today is a new day... haha.. I decided to wake up half an hour earlier and take 20 minutes earlier train.. guess wat??.. haha.. I reached KLCC at 7.45am... damn... TAKE 20 minutes earlier train got such a big gap in time?? Last 3 days I arrived at around 9am... shit.. Now.. What to do?? Can anyone suggest to me?? Take one earlier train, I ended up sitting at the receptionist area waiting... Take one train later, I arrived half an hour late... Didnt get wat i mean??'s the calculation...

9am - 7.45am = one hour and 15 minutes...

Train 7.25am - Train 7.05 = 20 minutes...

See?? 20 minutes different in the train i take, the gap of time will be one hour and 15 minutes.. shit.. shit.. wat shud i do.. damn lar.. But good also lar.. I got time and internet access to update my blog.. haha.. ok lar.. Tats all for now..



Ei...Man's Biore and Ivy..which one tastes better?


ha ha,i tot u have car


dude.. ur life is so full of events aint it.. damn it man.. after i read ur blog.. u say u arrive at 7.45am.. hahaha.. i cannot stop laughing.. hahaha.. don wait at the receptionist la.. go down to the mc donald la.. or maybe read some book la.. kan bagus.. hahaha and i ever do the same thing like u.. i didnt use biore for men or ivy.. i think.. i put on.. Simple For Men.. shit.. nearly put in my mouth.. luckily i was smarter.. hahaha


muahaha... i was laughing when i read that u used the facial foam to brush ur teeth. yeah, which one tastes better? haha...