Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yo all.. Haven really update for quite long.. It's very hard to find free time with a right mood to blog. Can anyone teach me how to really put down the past and continue my life with new hope? Do I really need to change my wholeself in order to do so? My lifestyle, my way for thinking, and my way of treating ppl around me? Currently I'm listening back to Linkin park's song.. which means, I felt stress all over my head once again.. Well.. I blog because I always need friend's support in whatever I do or did. Your words will eventually encourage me to stand up still and do something that I wanted to archieve so far. Fuh. Dunno what to say liao.. haha.. Thats all for now..


Reading your latest blog entry give me some weird feeling. What happen to u? U look so depress? Issit becoz miss all the Abap Gang ar? lol! By the way, got so many pic for u to choose but how come u choose the pic that I am sleeping =( no mood dy...hahaha!


jing, u got a geng of frens who like to pose like u liao ho.. u have found ur family.. the family who like to take photo of their back one.. haha.. nice pic there..


eh, i thought ah jen already "MIA" but suddenly got comment one here? weird... haha.

wb, jing!