Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yo.. It's 12.42am in the morning and still cant sleep.. So currently I'm listening to NEGARAKUKU by a Muar guy who is facing high possibility to be jailed and yet still got gut to accept the trial as a new chapter of his life. Hmm.. Not bad.. Always think positively.. That's what most of us are lack of. May be next time he can compose some song telling us the situation in the jail. Haha.. But frankly say, I like his songs a lot.. hope authorities wont take him from us. How many of us are actually dare to voice out our feeling? How many of us are actually dare to take the first step to archieve our dreams? We had said that we care, but do we act to make it a better place? Do we live our life to bring influences to the sorounding, or we get influenced by the sorounding?
Last saturday I went to the so called Malaysian's Blogger nites out. It's actually a Adverlet's bloggers nite with most of them are adverlet's supporter. Well, thanks to Elaine and Tim anyway.. We did at least experienced and enjoyed on the nite itself.. But the event currently critised by many other bloggers and many claimed that they shouldnt use MALAYSIAN for the event. My point of view? Well, It's just a gathering, nth special, nth important too.. and its passed so just let it pass... I'm looking forward to the gathering with my own group of friends soon.. which i guess will be much more memoriable and enjoyable compare to any other gatherings organise by any public... haha.. I'm coming , so my friends, dont run away.. fellowship is important for all human.. the same theory goes for us.. hehe
I read about a blogger nataniel was held away by cops.. Tunjuk Perasaan was orgarnised to fight for his freedom.. And then i read about Malaysia losing 5-1 to china and GG by Ubekistan 5-0.. Another Tunjuk Perasaan will be organised at bukit jalil to force FAM president to resign from his post. Wah.. Ppl nowadays too free is it? No need work also got money coming in is it? So many Tunjuk Perasaan one?? If got time, then go do some volunteer works at Rumah Anak Yatim lar.. or Go catch some thief lar... If all of u go and catch thief together, then our hero wont die alone lor in a try to stop 4 thiefs from stealling a car... Tan Chee Wai.. A big honor to you..

Tomorrow I still need to work.. shit.. Looks like Im the one that will be useless and meaningless le.. haha.. Thats why must go out to find friends for gathering liao.. Now.. Who wanna register first?? wuakakakakaka jk jk .. anyway.. That's all for now.. Oh Ya.. wait.. one more news.. haha.. our beloved Tun wont fight for any seat in politic anymore.. He said he wanna rest more.. 80+ d lor.. rest lar.. You done enuf d. Its your turn to enjoy life.. haha.. To all my friends.. All the best ya.. Got time must find me out yam cha arr~!!! Dont so stingy lar.. sms only worth 20 cent lar.. haha.. ok all. nitez..
I'm JiNG.. Also called Jimmy.. Remember this name well.. Call me if you saw me on the street.. haha.. Ignored any other name in the photo.. WUAHAHA~~!! Sorry Simon :P.. just kidding..


how can u ask us to ignore ah jen??? hahahaha...


where is my photos??
u din listen to tai lou...she asked u to send me

nice post


*must do something before war breaks out*

Rosie: Sorry ar.. I didn't order lao san (ur Jimbo), to send those photos to u. Cos he got it from Angel too. I thought he will send those pictures to you since people online more often than me ma. Who knows leH? cos you know la.. he is *covering one side of my cheek and whispered* KEPO ma..wahahaha no worries no worries..things can be solved one.. I promise..keke

Jing: Soli ar soli ar..Hai nv ki neng guai.. mai siu ki..mai siu ki


angel - i where got ask u to ignore simon... nah.. which words in my comment got say like tat... dont cincai blame ar.. haha

roses - kakak, mana ada tai lou ask me to sent to u.. cilaka..

alice - fuh.. next saturday's steamboat count yours one.. hahahhaaha