Sunday, June 21, 2009

Food Food Food again.. haha.. This time is somewhere near Cheras or Ampang. It's not really a restaurant as it looks more like a cafe with a lot of hawkers stall inside. Here you can find meats like crabs, chicken, pork and fish. Let the photo do the talking. :) The Restaurant called "Nong and Jimmy"
Look at how they actually panggang my ikan bakar and crabs.. wuwuwuwu.. :P
This is the famous Kaya Yu Char Kuew.. haha.. Sepiring like the photo below cost us around RM4.00. It's crunchy, fresh as in just came out from kuali, and small-easy to eat size.. haha

This is my favourite Chicken feet's skin.. My boss said they use old grandma who losses all their tooth to extract the skin from the feet.. hahha.. shit.. He is a bluffer..
Then, the is the most TASTY Chinese Godlen Fried Rice I ever taste before.. Not sure if its because I'm too hungry or its really tasty.. I will go try again with full stomach and let you all know if its really tasty. haha.
The ikan pari pari bakar is sucks... Sucks as in Tak Sedap Langsung... very close to not eatable.. haha..

The sayur are normal as its not really their main dishes.. hhmm..
The next dish is the TomYam Sotong.. Not so pedas, but very tasty as well.. The sotong quite fresh.. At least for my tongue lar.. haha.. Worth to try..
The final one... Zheng Zheng Zheng~!! Crabs... The crab not bad.. but I dont really fancy burned crab.. haha. I like those cooked with Telur Masin.. Too bad they dont have..
So... here it goes... Klang Valley really got a lot of good food.. Its a blessing for those who stay in Klang Valley. hahahhha..

As normal, below are the address, and the GPS


Wah! Got restaurant named after you! Ya...the ikan bakar looks awful! See my post ikan bakar also!


HAHAHA... I wonder who is the Nong to me.. :P