Monday, June 01, 2009

After eating so many meat and meat, I have some kind of health realization.. haha.. So decided to join my friend for some vegetarian food which normally, I wont like it at all because I dont like Vegetable at all~! hehe.. 

I forget the name for the dish above, as well as the dish below.. haha.. but dish below is basically a vegetarian tree layer pork... hehe.. Which is not bad.. 
This soup so so only.. too normal.. 
This is the vegetarian fish.. the meat made by some mushroom and the fish skin is made of sea weed.. haha.. quite tasteful as well.. and No Tulang at all~!! haha
This is my favourite dish of all.. the Curry Sotong.. the Sotong damn nice.. The soup got sotong taste as well.. I was wondering if its made of sotong.. hahahha.. 
The normal Taufu.. I dont like this at all.. cos i dont like white taufu at all.. but the mushroom on the top of the taufu, taste not bad.. haha.. 
This is the proof again, we ate it all, not because we are jimat, but because its worth to eat as well.. hehe.. healthy... 

Its located again, somewhere in Bandar Puteri Puchong.. On the same street as the Papa Kafeteria.. 
Anyway.. I forget to load down the coordinate.. haha.. sorry..  


haha nice..
yummy! =D


vegetarian food nice one! dont play play


Vegetarian food can be really nice...but expensive. Maybe because only one shop in Sibu, dunno other places.