Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who said want Bak Kut Teh must go to Klang?? Who said only Klang got Bak Kut Teh? haha... Actually Klang's Bak Kut Teh are really special and nice to eat.. But then for those who stay far away in the opposite side of Selangor, for example Serdang, Klang is way too inconvenience for me to go all the way there just to have my breakfast.. hehe.. Thanks to the business man, now good Bak Kut Teh not only can be found in the town of Klang.. Now its everywhere.. hehe
So, here I am to provide some workaround.. haha.. My friend introduce me a Good and not so Bad Bak Kut Teh in Puchong.. Near near to Serdang.. :P 
This Shop is called Yee Heong and is located in somewhere in Jalan Kenari, Bandar Puchong Jaya. The main special and famous Bak Kut Teh this shop offered is called "Pai Kut Bak Kut Teh" haha.. ok lar.. thats my own language. In the menu, its called "Claypot Spare Ribs: Bak Ku Teh". So thats one of the food we ordered.

We also ordered another normal Bak Kut Teh which turn out to be quite tasty. The PIG's MEAT also taste nice.. ok lar.. the PORK taste nice lar.. sorry for using my own language again.. haha.. 

The side dish is the normal "Bai Cai" which turn out to be very tasty~!!.. haha.. so in conclusion, this shop is worth to go for your breakfast or brunch for those who work for Acc******. Cos they might not be able to wake up in the morning for breakfast.. wauhahaha.. jk jk ..  

The Coordinate for those who has GPS : 
N 03.02.777
E 101.37.410


what acc******? you wan your tyre slashed? ha ha ...


huyooo ... how come neber bring me wan leh?


Drool! Drool! Next time I go KL, you belanja me can? LOL!!!


1st time I see people post GPS coordinate as the address. -_-|||


from the pic i can tell it cant compare with klang bah kut teh. hahaha


Jin - HAHAHAHA... you see what time you commented on my blog, you sure you can wake up to have bak kut teh as breakfast? kekeke

Cibol - I have never seen you since last year i guess.. Since er... er.. your birthday? no? haha

STP - cannot.. you cannot eat that one d... HAHAHA.. ok lar.. if you insisted, i can belanja you.. But i hold no responsibility regarding your cholesterol level.. haha

Felicia - HAHAHAHHA.. thats the IN thing now le.. Cos I'm not familiar with Puchong area, so this is the most i can do.. kekeke :P

KenWooi - HAHA.. key in the coordinate and start eating the nice PORK~!! haha ..

Leo - Klang ppl damn kia su le.. always said they are the best.. ciu.. hahaha.. jkjk.. Actually, yalar, the Klang one better.. but too far for me sometimes.. somemore everytime go there just to eat bak kut teh then come back d, never bring us around one for event one.. keke


so oily meh? can gain 10kg after eating not?


I like Bak Kut Teh...