Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seoul House - Korean BBQ.. Kamsamida..

After all those unhealthy Coffee and Bak Kut Teh, I tend to look for some vege to balance up my nutrient consumption.. haha.. Taken the meal in Vegetarian Shop which again, tasted quite nice.. hehe.. But that will be in the next post.. Today will show you the Korean Food that I took yesterday nite.. Sorry Cibol, Daniel and Mary for FFK your lou duck.. :(

So three of us, my ex-boss, my ex-colleague, ermm.. I still prefer to write, me and my friends, choose to have the dinner in Korean BBQ restaurant.. The restaurant is called "Seoul Korea" located in Taman Desa Petaling. :P

We order three set of dinner, which inclusive of two type of pork, and one kimchi soup..
First pork.. 

Second pork

Then Kimchi Soup..
And surprisingly to me, they got damn many side dishes and all are bottomless.. can keep on refilling... hehe..

This is my favourite side dish.. I called this one a kimchi as well but mr. UNG said its not.. shit.. haha..

This is the proof that this restaurant is another good place to go.. hehe.. eat till empty even though it suppose to be bottomless.. :P

This is what it cost us for tiga orang.. which I think still quite reasonable.. hehe

I cant really give you any direction by words, so.. please use your GPS and set to the following coordinate:
N: 03.05.926


drumsticks said...

yeah!! u FFK us... and u went for BBQ somemore... grr.. its ok seeing that u went to eat something as good as korean BBQ.. we forgive u.. ;)

Anonymous said...

haha GPS coordinates again.. lol
nice place! =D

Reply: yeah 3rd guy looks scary.. haha..

cibol said...

chis chis .. no wonder ditched us so early!

Leo said...

basket jimmy, never ajak...

JiNG said...

Mary - hahahha.. tq tq tq.. you are so kind.. haha
KenWooi - You will found it extremely useful.. hahah go try it. :P
Cibol - lol.. sorry man.. next time ~~..
Leo - you went to bikini party lar... haha..

Anonymous said...

i think it's kamsa hamida..and it's not kimchi.. it's "cheng chao choy" (fried vegetable) ha ha ...

suituapui said...

Yalor...I went all to way to KL to meet you and you did not bring me to this nice place to eat! Tsk! Tsk!

Bengbeng said...

great food photography!

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