Monday, May 18, 2009

Pappa Rich Nice White Coffee and Leng lui~! :P

Although I'm a super fans of Old Town White Coffee, but then continuously drinking it for the past few months makes me eager to look for other kind of coffee. And since this Pappa Rich Kopitiam is always full of people when I passed by, thus I decided to go there to have a try.. My friend told me the white coffee there tasted totally different compare to Old Town's. 
10.30pm, Four of us arrived in Bandar Puteri's Pappa Rich Kopitiam and found ourself a good seat... Sofa kind of material, with the full view of the whole kopitiam in front of us. hehe.. 
I ordered one Pappa White Coffee and one Pappa-bun. Surprisingly, the white coffee tasted really good... It's my kind of coffee, compare to Old Town, I like this one more.. haha.. 
And as for the Pappa-Bun, it looks exactly the same as the Roti Boy bun.. haha.. Taste also almost the same just that its not as cruncy as Roti Boy's.. 
Not only that... in this branch, there are two leng luis who work there at night time.. At first we thought that she is the Boss's wife but then we found out that she is just a worker.. haha.. So if you happened to come to Pappa Rich Puteri branch, dont forget to pay attention to the girl who take order for your foods... And after your foods, I advice you to not ask for the bill, but go to the counter yourself.. haha.. why? Because there is another leng lui there.. haha.. this one more to cute type.. HEHE.. May be that's why the coffee tasted so NICE!.. :P Sorry, no photo... Due to stupid Nokia 5800 setting.. I can't disable the Camera sound... so cannot simply snap.. haha 
My friend ordered this, dunno intentionally or not, purposely claimed that she ordered the wrong thing and ask the waitress to come over..  Why? She said she give us (poor boys) to have a closer look at the pretty waitress.. hahaha.. What a girl.. 
Anyway.. This Kopitiam is a nice place to hang out...Good environment while one White Coffee and one Pappa-bun cost me RM7.60... :) 
Bandar Puteri Puchong Outlet 
No. 29, Jalan Puteri 1/6
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan


cibol said...

nearby where stp stayed, there's one pappa rich also! ha ha ha. after hong leong bank!

Jimmy said...

Yeah~!!Saw that.. hehee.. but that one dunno got leng lui or not.. :P

Superman said...

Been there before. The food is very expensive. Btw, the quality of your photos are very very very very very very very very very very bad ler... :p

Jimmy said...

HAHAHA... tats the result of using 5800..

Anonymous said...

oi jinx.. picture too big .. cannot scroll well.. change template again. ha ha

cibol said...

i tot big pictures ok lah .. ha ha ha .. works well on me man! buy camera lah bro!

Superman said...

Not bad the cafe. but not available in Sarawak yet. I like Old Town Coffee.

suituapui said...

Ya..there's one near Bintang Warisan. You should have posted this earlier...then we could have gone there to mam-mam!

Ur photos ok leh...not lousy like mine! Sob! Sob!

Bengbeng said...

aiya yr pics r ok. quite nice actually. ( i woke up this morning n decided i am going to make my mouth sweet today :) ) The coffee sure looks inviting.

Jimmy said...

Jin - HAHAHA.. I know , u viewing it with ur e71?? sure cannot lar~! keke

Cibol - I got one camera d.. never want to bring it out as its too big size. kekeke.. may be shud get a smaller one..

Superman - HAHa.. I dont think this cafe can survive in sibu or sarikei lor... with price like tat, sure bankrupt in two months.. keke

STP - HAHa.. I went to this cafe only on Sunday... the day u fly off. haha.. oh ya. Thanks for the Secret recipe ya.. i haven thanked you rite? err..

Beng Beng - HAHAHA.. you mean normally u not sweet ar.. keke.. then i should be careful in the future post.. haha

Ee Jin said...

eh, why u mentioned my name here? ha ha ...