Friday, November 10, 2006

Yo there.. I'm just a minor blogger who usually just happen to read other famous blog everyday.. That's my daily routine.. And recently.. the blogosphere became more and more interesting.. hehe.. Why I said so??

1. Smashpop being accused as Gay!!

Started by Shaolintiger in his post saying that smashin' Popstar giving a terible face when taking photo with gals, but felt awfully happy between guys.. Somemore..Shaolin Tiger saying that this smashin' Popstar were leaving the first comment on ALL of his own posts.

The issue then continue by Earl-Ku in his post showing more hint of gayness in Smashpop. He proved that Smashin'Popstar were really leaving the first comment on ALL of his own posts.

JiNG: I read both post's comments above but found no comment by Smashin' Popstar either to defend himself/herself or agree with them.. May be He/She dont ever care to protect himself from all this accuses..or may be he/she is too busy with his/her photo taking?? Or may be actually shaolin tiger, earl-ku and smashin'Popstar are actually good friends and they are just kidding with each other?? Its a war hard to win at smashin' Popstar because its Many VS one war.. haha.. At first I tot a famous blogger Kenny sia is interupting in this war when I read this post from but sadly its not.. HAHA..

2.Lilian's post being copied and her fight back..
Mr Orange copied Lilian's post from 5Xmom - Humour, Life, Lies, Sex and even hotlinked her Flickr photos. And Lilian showed an interesting way of fighting back, a very interesting way to give a lesson to these fucked orange..haha.. She changed the photo in her flickers with other funny pic using the same name.. The fucked orange who hotlinked to those pic will have those funny picture viewed on his page.. By the time this post is wrote, He haven removed the post ..

JiNG: HAHA.. How come he never realised it at all.. this One VS One surely won by Lilian from Xmom - Humour, Life, Lies, Sex.. An easy win..hehe

3.Playboy Matters between Earl-Ku and Bizolink
I guess everyone knew that is giving out link to download playboy magazine.. And this Bizolink from Millionringgithomepage leaved a comment on which make earl-ku posted this "I moved his cheese".. Bizolink replied in his "He say my cheese moved"saying that he just want to warn earl-ku to check against his hosting. Earl-ku then replied him in "morale-police-on-my-ass" saying .. err.. too many things.. clarified as "bizolink..mind your own business lar".. haha..

JiNG: HAHA.. I wonder what will be Bizolink's next step.. The blogosphere really so interesting that we can see famous blogger debating with each other.. hehe.. Here are my two cents opinion.. Stop all these.. then lets meet at Together-Gather Year End Bloggers gathering ..

Theme : Together Gather 2006
Venue : Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date : Saturday, 30th December 2006
Time : 5.00 pm until 11.00pm
Dress code : Formal
Ticket Price : RM100
*availability is based on first come first serve basis

*err.. am I allowed to post this?? haha.. I copied from Eeleen


Then, we together-gather and really war with real food fights. Good hor?


Hey, haha, of course you can copy that Blogger party thing. I should have said thanks for promoting!


aiks i thought really war with "good" fights ...

lol ...

eh a real nice roundup of the stuff happened over the past 2 weeks lol ...


5xmom haha.. that party..dunno can go or not.. Im not "sou" with you ppl also.. hehe

~TheAngel~ - haha.. no thanks.. just nth to post d.. so bored..

earl-ku - hehe.. Im damn suffering from boredorm..